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Who has control of our world?

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Who has control of our world? Does each country have an equal say in what happens? It would be nice to think that it was true but sadly it's the opposite. The super powers of today are the G8, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Britain, The United States and China. There may be 8 countries in the G8 but there is just one that has the most power, this country is AMERICA. A day cannot go by without the news featuring a story of how A Erica has interfered in the problems of other countries. This is not a recent thing, it has been happening for a lot longer than you may think. America's interference can be traced back to the Vietnam War or even further. Today we associate Afghanistan with the Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. But during the 1970's and 1980's things in Afghanistan were very different. In June 1978, the Afghan Guerrilla movement the Mujahideen was born. ...read more.


This did not create a united Afghanistan; instead the country became split between feuding warlords. The "democratic government" that the USA installed in Afghanistan is widely ignored by the northern alliance. Iraq seems to be the number one enemy of America today but a lot of the threat that they face from Iraq was created by America itself. Sadam Hussein was helped into power by America to fight against Iran. Sadam Hussein and his men were given weapons by the USA; these same armaments were then used against America in the Gulf War. America got annoyed when Sadam invaded Kuwait because it threatened their oil supply. To solve this America sent their armed forces into Kuwait to fight off the Iraqis. Again, the Iraqis were using weapons provided by America, to fight America. The terrorist attacks across the world,, particularly against America and its allies, made by Iranian terrorists can be seen as a direct result of America's interference during the 1970's which established an unpopular, strict Muslim government in Iran. ...read more.


Several of Clinton's anti-terrorism experts repeatedly briefed Bush's experts of the dangerous nature of the terrorist threat presented by Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda. Further more they even gave Bush's people an effected battle plan to address the threat. Bush took no notice of these threats until the towers fell. Bush was not only told about the threats of Osama from the previous government but also by many other countries such as Egypt, Germany, Israel, and Russia. These countries gave pointed descriptions of terrorist threats involving commercial airplanes and landmark buildings. Still, nothing was done until the towers had fallen. Now America's focus has moved away from Osama Bin Laden and more towards Iraq and Sadam Hussein. Virtually no proof of any threat to America from Iraq has been presented by the Bush administration. When Bush did have the warnings about an attack, he did nothing, and America lost thousands of civilians. This as all because the government was not focusing on the problems of its own country but was more interested in getting involved in the problems of other countries. ...read more.

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