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Why did America drop the atomic bomb on Japan

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Why did America drop the atomic bomb on Japan? They are several reasons why America dropped the atomic bomb on Japan Hiroshima. Some are more important than others. 130,000 citizens died in that incident mainly children and workers because the bombed was dropped at approximately 8.16am in the morning. The reasons for America to drop the bomb were, America thought that Japan wanted world domination like Hitler did before he died, too save American lives, test the bomb because they had spent so much money on it, too gain power, to get revenge on Japan for attacking Pearl Harbour where 2,000 people were killed and America wanted revenge for P.O.W treatment of Okinawa and very vicious battle. The reasons can mostly be categorised as political, ideological international, technological and personal. Some of the reasons are long term i.e Pearl Harbour and some are short term i.e money but all can be linked to the final decision that America took on August 6th 1945 to drop the first atomic bomb. There were several political or ideological reasons for dropping the bomb I believe these reasons are appropriate. Firstly Truman wanted to be re-elected as priminster with the election fast coming up soon he would have wanted to make a good impression to his public to gain their votes, he made a speech saying 'we have won'. ...read more.


This reason may not be a key factor to the dropping of the bomb, because if they won the war all that was lost would be gained again. America's aim was to create the most powerful bomb in history this was called the Manhattan project it was secretly being done. Technological reasons were very important in the decision made to drop the bomb. Scientists aimed to see if the bomb would actually work under the spot light. They had paid $2 billon for the bomb to be made and so many scientists were involved in creating the first atomic bomb they would expect it to be very power and convincing in a battle. They sent data back to America after collecting it from the bomb nicknamed 'Fatman' they did this because they wanted to find out more information about the bomb and its attributes also how could they improve it. Military reasons may have played a role in the dropping of the bomb. The Bomb might have been dropped in a test because as this was the first Atomic bomb they would have wanted to know if it works and does the job, they could use them instead of wasting lives in battles. ...read more.


America didn't like the idea of losing lives. The conflict between them started when Roosevelt was Alive and ended after he died while Truman was in charge. Truman was the one who ended the conflict by dropping the Atomic bomb in a message, to tell them they are in charge and have the power. All the reasons played their unique part in the dropping of the bomb. However there were key factors in the dropping of the bomb, firstly was to scare them off and stop the spreading of communism. Secondly was to get even with Japan for them attacking Pearl Harbour. Thirdly was bad attitude towards P.O.W. There were consequences to the dropping of the bomb, some were babies were being born with physical defects. The next few years following the bombs being dropped, people were still dieing of radiation sickness and cancer, Innocent civilians were killed or were dying. People may question if dropping the bomb on Japan was needed to defeat them. In my opinion I think they had all authority to attack back because they were attacked by Japan and would have felt provoked with Japan testing their power. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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