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Why did the Provisional Government fail?

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Why did the Provisional Government fail? In order to answer this question we must first look at what brought about the provisional government in Russia, its policies, the opposition to it, who made up the provisional government and who the opposition to the provisional Government was. Firstly we must understand that the provisional government had no legal right to exist as it appointed it's self, there were no elections and the now former Tsar, Nicholas II, had disbanded the Duma, Russia's parliament, two weeks before his abdication. In many ways it was Nicholas' abdication which caused the Bolsheviks to come to power in October 1917. The Tsar's abdication left a power vacuum, which he had intended his brother, Michael, to fill. However, Michael did not wish to become Tsar and as a result Russia had been left without a leader. It is because of this Russia's Duma set up the Provisional Government Committee, made up of the Duma deputies. The Provisional Government meet in the Tauride Palace, where the Duma had meet since it's formation in 1905. ...read more.


By doing this Lenin had turned the Bolsheviks in to the only opposition party, all the other parties were implicated in the Provisional Government and therefore in the war. In July when the KRONSTADT naval base mutiny turned in to an armed uprising the sailors looked to the Bolsheviks for leadership which was not forth coming, as a result the uprising became a shambles, the Provisional Government blamed the Bolsheviks, arrested Trotsky, and issued a warrant for Lenin's arrest. Lenin escaped to Finland and it looked as if the Bolsheviks were finished. That was until they were thrown a life line in the form of the "Kornilov affair". In July Miliukov called for a military coup to over throw the government, as a result Kerensky restored the death penalty in a bid to give the Provisional Government some form of power, this failed and on July 24th Kerensky formed the second Coalition (Provisional) Government. In mid August he called a State Conference in Moscow to generate national unity. The conference made no decisions but Kerensky emerged as the dominant political personality and General Kornilov, the new Commander-in-Chief, as the darling of the middle classes. ...read more.


The majority of Government soldiers did nothing to halt the Bolsheviks. On October 21st and 22nd the MRC asserted its authority over the Petrograd garrison and within two days Government troops were persuaded to give up key positions, due to this fact Kerensky's power simply melted away. Lenin Called for even more deceive action and so on the night of the 24th-25th October Trotsky, Lenin's greatest ally, had organised the occupation of telephone exchange, the railway stations and the post office. On October 26th Bolsheviks troops stormed the winter palace, where the Provisional Government was in session. The Bolsheviks had overthrown the Provisional Government and seized power. So as we can see it was not only the actions of the Provisional Government and its leaders but also the actions of the Bolsheviks which lead to the eventual failure of the Provisional Government. Background flags are in chronological order, on page one, we have the Imperial Russian Flag used from 1858-1883 On page 2 is the Imperial flag used from 1883-1917 and now used as the Russian flag once more. And finally above we have the flag of the USSR, used between 1917 and 1991. Ben Jonathan Martin Why did the Provisional Government fail? Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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