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The impact of ICT on an adult in full-time employment and the effects on his/her working style

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The impact of ICT on an adult in full-time employment and the effects on his/her working style The person that I interviewed is a recent graduate, he has been living in Stafford for less than a year and works for the County Council in the financial area of Social Services. Work His work wholly revolves around I.T, mainly using financial system's, the Internet of which the majority is e-mail, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook Express. All the computers are run off servers which are most probably similar to the ones used in our school and the Internet is run through an Intranet (the Internet run through a network) which also runs the website which is used for people to find out about everything the council does from charity funding to social care for fostering and domiciliary patients, it also contains phone numbers etc. ...read more.


Although he works in finance he does not have access to credit details or handle actual payments, he only works this out and these other details (the collection or paying out of money) is handled by the treasurers. He regularly uses a phone that is connected to a main switchboard and every employee bar the cleaners have there own telephone number which is a four digit code and this allows swift contact between employers. As with every other company the councils has to adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act and as most people suffer with computer related injuries the council has its own department in most buildings to help with this and this graduate has tendonitis in his wrist so he has to have a special cordless mouse which involves all the roller-ball movement being done by his hand, although people who suffer to the extremities have been known to be given voice-recognition software and with this every employee is given flat-screen monitors and anti-glare screen. ...read more.


Home At home he uses a P.c with a 566mhz processor, 64mb RAM, a cd-rw and a 1mb video card, which is used to download mpeg's and mp3's, used as a word processor and to play low-level graphic games. He also has an mp3 player which he brought when mp3 players where relatively new and expensive so 64mb was a lot of songs when they first started. He has a Playstation 2 game console with an eye toy which allows the user to appear in the games and control it with their body movement and it can also be used as a webcam for sending video messages. Unit 3b shows that somebody who grew up when computers where just developing (1970's and 80's) can still be computer literate when they are in a full-time job and this gives him valuable experience against the older generation who are not so experienced. Simon Oldfield ...read more.

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