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Discuss the pros and cons of the current system of training of barristers and solicitors.

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Discuss the pros and cons of the current system of training of barristers and solicitors. The disadvantages of a barrister's training system would be cost, because training is very expensive, this includes the BVC which costs over �10,000 for the 1 year fulltime course or two years part time. Dining at an Inn of Court also costs the training barrister and the clothing required is also expensive. Competition is also an issue as it gets greater in each level of training, e.g. there are limited spaces on BVC and even fewer pupillages. Also there is limitation in choices on the areas of law they would want to specialise in. The CPE/PGDL doesn't seem to be preparing a barrister for a law degree, and there are too many topics for such a short amount of time. ...read more.


Even though there is competition for pupillages it ensures that there is quality for the candidates. The disadvantage of a solicitor's training system is also similar to the ones of a barrister but different training procedures and variation in cost. Cost is a disadvantage to solicitors because the LPC is very expensive, which ranges from �5,300 to �9000. This is a major disadvantage to poorer families that are unable to support their child. Also it is difficult to get places for LPCs, and even more difficult to get a training contract. There is also a problem about over-supply due to many students who have passed there LPC however fail to obtain a training contract. Again like barristers they may not get to specialise in the areas of law they are interested in as it is dependent on the training contract vacancies. ...read more.


One point common to barristers would be that non-law graduates do only one year of formal law for Common Professional Course. Therefore there has been concern whether these candidates really have enough potential to become lawyers. There have been suggestions that a reform of the current training system is needed thus better funding, more joint training and more opportunities to do qualifying work in a legal environment while studying. Also the cost of the systems for both is not allowing chances of potential lawyers. In conclusion the current training system for solicitors and barristers is more on the downside due to cost and the content that they need to concentrate on in such a small amount of time. However this system is changing slightly and eventually will suit the potential candidates. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ka Shing Cheung Law essay: Legal Profession. Grade (A) 1 ...read more.

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