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A comparison between "Cosmogirl" and "Cosmopolitan". Two successful magazines. One woman's' and one teenage.

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For Ian Mitchell By Jeni Mitchell Media assessment A comparison between "Cosmogirl" and "Cosmopolitan". Two successful magazines. One woman's' and one teenage. Would you read the same magazines as your daughter? Would you expect the contents in a magazine aimed at women to be diversely different from a magazine aimed at teenagers? I think that because teenagers are at very different stages of their lives to adults and therefore have different concerns, issues and perspectives on life, they should have separate influences such as magazines. Magazines portray a fantasy lifestyle for many people and so they are attracted to, and influenced by, them. I am going to investigate the differences and similarities between two magazines; one targeted at women and one at teenagers, to see whether they differ immensely or hardly at all. I chose magazines produced by the same company- "Cosmopolitan" and "Cosmogirl". Hopefully this will help me to find both similarities and differences because they might use the same features but just slightly changed. I expect differences because the magazines are targeted at different markets. First of all, I am going to look at the covers of my chosen magazines because they are the most important part of the magazine. This is what sells the magazine and attracts new readers. The first thing you look at is the title. Most of the time it indicates the type of magazine it is and whom it is targeted at. For "Cosmopolitan" the title is in a bold, upright font. ...read more.


The tag lines also suggest that this magazine can solve your problems. Some say things like: "17 ways to make love last" "Cosmo comes to your emotional rescue" "Quick fix-it hair advice" This would appeal to all the people who wanted to improve their lives and make themselves more socially acceptable. The language on "Cosmopolitan" is more mature and explicit than the language on "Cosmogirl". On "Cosmogirl" they use words like "Fab" "Snog" whereas "Cosmopolitan" uses mostly full words and sentences. Not as much slang is used. Some of the contents in the magazines are similar, such as fashion and beauty, though the products differ to suit different price ranges. In "Cosmogirl" there are more articles on gossip, music and advice whereas "Cosmopolitan" has more pages devoted to sex, fashion and real life shock stories. I think this is because these are topics that are interesting to the relevant age groups of the readers. "Cosmopolitan" has three hundred and six pages compared to "Cosmogirls" one hundred and twenty. I think this is because adults generally have a wider attention span than teenagers do. I am going to look at two articles, one from each magazine and compare them. From "Cosmogirl" I chose an article called "The friendship jigsaw" And an article called "Look into my eyes, the drinks are on me" From "Cosmopolitan". I am going to look at the article in Cosmopolitan first. It is basically about a man that can hypnotize you to make you think that you are drunk. ...read more.


The woman also looks like she's in a fantasy, maybe this is meant to be associated to being drunk. I have looked at both my magazines in detail and found out their similarities and differences. Both magazines seem to know what their target audience wants and cater for the very well. I think that "Cosmopolitan" is much more suitable for older women because some of the content wouldn't be suitable and probably wouldn't interest younger readers because they don't have the same experiences as older people. It's concentrated on improving your life so you can be a "better person" which wouldn't be good for younger readers because it's important to fit in as a teenager and they need reassurance that they are O.K people as they are. There is also alot a lot of emphasis on fashion and expensive products cleverly incorporated into it so you don't notice. "Cosmogirl" is a typical teenage magazine. It focuses on reassurance, advice and information. This is what teenagers need and I think that most of the content is helpful, though some is a bit shallow. The magazine is also used to market products but it plays on the need for teenagers to fit in. The people who own the magazine are very careful to put in things from the high street that mirror catwalk designs to make teenagers feel more sophisticated and also to give them a credible reputation. Overall I think the magazines are suitable for the age rangers at which they are targeted. There are similarities in layouts and article/feature ideas but they are tailored to suit their own age groups. By Jennifer Mitchell ...read more.

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