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A comparison between two newspaper stories, one from abroadsheet and one from a tabloid

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A comparison between two newspaper stories, one from a broadsheet and one from a tabloid In this essay, I will compare two stories about the same story, the sacking of Glenn Hoddle, one from a broadsheet and one from a tabloid. I will look at the difference in the presentation and text of these articles, as well as more general things such as the conventions for the front pages, the purpose of each type of paper, and the issues involved in how a story reaches the front page. On the front page of each newspaper there are certain conventions (things which are always there) such as the price, the paper's name and the main story. ...read more.


This is because the purpose of most of the tabloids is firstly to entertain and then to inform, whereas the purpose of the broadsheets is to inform. This also means that tabloids are more likely to feature sensationalist, gossipy or human interest stories, while broadsheets tend to have more political stories and stories of national interest. Tabloids usually only have two stories on their front page. Broadsheets will have more, simply because their front pages are bigger, and they will be carefully chosen to cover as wide a range of interests as possible. The first thing that is noticeable on the front page of The Sun is the huge, one syllable headline - "Out". ...read more.


The headline, "Life for 3-in-bed Jenny", is in italics to break the page up and show that it is a different story. There are two small square pictures on either side of the article of the killer and the victim. They make the article symmetrical, which looks good. The story has been chosen because it has a lot to do with sex, which helps to sell the Sun. The Guardian's logo is very different to the Sun's. It is written in two different styles - one for each word. The word "The" is written in an italic, arty style, to suggest sophistication, and the word "Guardian" is written in a bold, simple style to suggest that the Guardian is sober and straightforward, and presents the news without bias. Above the logo are three ...read more.

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