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15 year old Amy Austin was born in Norfolk and now resides in Sileby, near Loughborough. Her parents got divorced when she was young so she now lives with her mother and dog. She is currently attending Rawlins Community College where she is studying for her GCSEs, after which she would like to stay on at school, take A-levels and, ultimately, become a tattoo artist. A screeching whine echoes through my brain, jolting me from sleep. I grumble and hit the alarm onto snooze. But minutes later that same teeth-clenching wail shatters the silence, forcing me from my bed. This torment occurs every morning and is inescapable. I muster the strength to turn my CD player on, take a deep sigh and roll out of the duvet. All I can say is thank god for my music. If I didn't put CDs on when I wake up, I don't think I would even make it to school! Anyway, I then rummage through mountains of clothing until I find something even remotely wearable, before wandering into the bathroom. Emerging minutes later, slightly more alive than before, I stumble downstairs, closely avoiding standing on the dog; who seems to spread out on the floor in the most inconvenient of places. ...read more.


Anyway, apart from expressing my individuality in some form and not being overwhelmed with trying to impress everyone all the time, I feel I'm quite a loyal and trusting person, almost too trusting at times! I shove my sandwiches into my lunchbox and by twenty to eight I'm leaving for the bus, luckily it's not too cold! On the bus, I'm greeted by the first of many friends I'll see today. We catch up with any news as the bus drags itself to school. Once outside school I wait for other buses for my friend: despite the weather! (That's how much of a caring friend I am!) The bell sounds and I make my way to registration where we are told to make use of the time. I never seem to have anything to do so I spend the time talking and staring blankly at my planner. Not the most productive of ways to spend it but it is what I do nonetheless. The time soon rolls on to become first lesson... Then second... Then third... etc. Music, Humanities, RE, Maths, English and Science seem to fly by, possibly because it's Friday and I have a weekend of freedom ahead, possibly because I also find Music and Science hilarious, which helps to pass the time. ...read more.


I pick up the post and then get the "greeting" from my dog. He resembles a firework, waiting to explode: his tail like a fish out of water; lashing around in anticipation and excitement. Tonight, I remember I'm going out to see another band. As I said before, music is a huge part of my life. It surrounds me and aids me in every aspect. So this afternoon I've decided I'll take a shower; sign into msn to chat to any friends I haven't seen during the day; maybe watch a film and eat before venturing out accompanied by one of my best friends in the world (who has been there for me all my life - my mom) to a local venue to keep a fire of passion burning for what I do each day. In the future I see myself hopefully doing what I love - combining art, music and passion. Tattoo art, I believe, is an obvious art form, is sometimes associated with music and is also physically portraying someone's passion for something: be it another human, their motorbike or a Disney character. Yes expressing myself in this way is definitely what I want to achieve. ...read more.

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