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A poster from the movie The Graduate follows a general formulaic pattern in its presentation.

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Rachel Davis S. Floyd English 103 Argument Types 29 March 2004 Argument Types In an argument, there are many types of tools used to evoke the audience to conviction and then to action. As a society, the importance of communicating a thought or idea to an audience has motivated different methods of arguments that can be expressed in written words, speech or pictures. Movie posters are a great example of the type of propaganda or arguments that the media uses today in order to promote a particular movie. A poster from the movie The Graduate follows a general formulaic pattern in its presentation, namely by presenting the facts of the movie, toying with the emotions of the on-looker, and challenging the values of society as a whole. ...read more.


Is the character graduating to a higher level of sexuality? Is he a recent graduate of school or the task he was motivated to complete? In the end, the audience leaves with the knowledge of who is involved in the movie and what it is possibly going to be about. Another benefit a movie poster has for an argument is its emotional appeal and response. The Graduate manages to do this in a shocking way. In the book, everything's an argument, the author says, "If writers can use words to rouse readers to specific feelings, they might also move them to sympathize with ideas associated with those feelings, and even to act on them" (Lunsford, 50). ...read more.


The Graduate accomplishes this simply from the time period that it was released. In 1967 the values of society were changing rapidly, and the ideas of conflict and controversy were an everyday occurrence. A bare leg exudes a level of confidence and control the woman has over Ben (Hoffman), giving the idea and values of sexual independence and freedom - which was especially prevalent at this time. However, on the other end of the spectrum, the poster not only highlights the values of sexual freedom but also uncloaks the disgust, by some, of sexual promiscuity and immorality. Consequently, while this poster invigorates some, it offends others. The ability to understand different types and methods of arguments can be expressed and explained through cultural works of art, like movie posters. Additionally, using arguments of fact, emotion, and value can serve as a foundation for conviction and action both favorable and unfavorable to its cause. ...read more.

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