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Analyse the Different Ways in which a Local Newspaper Represents the Local Community.

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Analyse the Different Ways in which a Local Newspaper Represents the Local Community. I chose to analyse the Maidenhead Advertiser for this assignment. The foremost thing I noticed about the paper was the smaller scale of the stories. Stories that a national newspaper wouldn't even consider as newsworthy make up the bulk of the reports in the paper, "Help Tackle the Trolley Menace". Another general point I noticed about the paper in comparison to a national daily, was the positive slant on most of the stories. Nationals select negative stories to report because readers are more interested in tragedies than achievements. The local paper, however, reports on achievements in the local community such as, "A kickboxing class at the Maidenhead Rugby Club has proved so popular .....", or, "Bishop drops in to say thank you". ...read more.


I think therefore that local newspapers represent the local community members in a more positive light in the interests of the people in the community. Furthermore many of the stories in the paper involved the local council or the local MP. The leading story on the front page says, "Protest letters from the borough and Maidenhead MP Teresa May forced the Government to reassess....". I think the paper sees this story as newsworthy because it represents the community as a unity coming together to make a difference. The 'protest letters' show how members of the community are working together under the guidance of their local MP and this is obviously what the paper thinks the local members want to read about. ...read more.


In 1834 over a two-week period 823 coaches passed through using 3,000 horses." The paper circulates in Maidenhead and so reporting on the history may be more interesting to the readers than if a national paper were to report on the history of Twyford which would only apply to about 1% of its readership. I think that children are represented in the paper as a very positive aspect of the community. There are numerous stories about local schools, "School is an 'Investor in People'" and ,"Trophey for School Juniors" and their achievements. Finally the paper provides information for the community. It includes, "Chemists' opening times", "Pubs Guide", cinema times and adverts from local business offering services to the community. The paper consists of a larger amount of adverts than a national because there is less news and many of the customers buy the paper simply for the adverts. Jenny Patten ...read more.

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