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analysis of magazines

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Gary Bethel 10x3 English Mr Chisnall. Biz is the magazine that gets you in the know and has a target audience that's aged around men from 16 to 30. This is because of what the magazine has to offer. The magazine involves the latest fashion, news about things men would be interested in, celebrity women models, sex, football, and the latest gadgets. Also it includes revealing images of young pretty women showing their assets off. This is all the reason why the magazine is aimed at men because this is what men think about. I have researched all the men's magazines out on sale in the shops, and I have tried to make my magazine as different as I can to them but yet again tried to take features off other magazines to improve mine. I have done this because I want my magazine to appeal to my target audience (men), so they choose my magazine over any others. ...read more.


Another puff text is, `All this and more inside`. This text is situated at the bottom of the front cover. I have put it here because I believe that when the targeted audience have read the magazine cover then their eyes finally glance across the bottom of the page so then they will notice it. Then finally the words, ` All this and more inside` will make them want to buy the magazine and see further into it to see what is inside. The text is in an original font and white in colour. The white is refreshing to the reader and can imply that the cover and magazine in whole is clean and well set out. My central image is a picture covering the whole of the front cover of an attractive footballer's wife, Cheryl Tweedy. I have chosen this image of Cheryl because my magazine is targeted at men, and I think that Cheryl is a woman who men fantasize about. ...read more.


This makes the reader feel they are getting something extra when they buy the magazine. Also it makes the reader want to buy it because they are getting two magazines for one low price, so they will come to a conclusion that they are getting better value for money. This offer appeals to everyone because anyone would like anything for free. The text is in an eye-catching red colour so the targeted audience see what they are getting for free. For my slogan I used the word `Be In The Know`. This makes the reader feel that if they read my magazine they get to know everything and anything that appeals to my target audience. They could be in the know and could be the first out of all their friends to find out new information, so they can tell there friends first and make them jealous of you. In a way it informs the reader the magazine has everything you could possible want to know. This text is in a rainbow colour so it draws the reader's attention in like an optical illusion. ...read more.

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