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Analysis of the cover of a "Max Poweer" car magazine.

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Similar text analysis Image Regarding imagery, the Honda MSR has been placed in the centre of the cover page. The close up picture has been taken from the lower back of the car. The picture has been edited to give the angled effect adding sense of speed and power. The image covers most of the cover page. The image used is conventional form this magazine's as it relates to the targeted audience range of 16-40 ages and mostly male. Lighting is used to make the car look new and to make it stand out as the background used is the same colour as the car. ...read more.


Signifiers suck as the barcode with the price and the issue date of the magazine a very important aspect of magazine has been juxtaposed to denote and connote professionalism. Text Text wise, the name "MAX POWER" is featured in very large bold font on white to make it stand out in dark golden background. The second largest caption in the cover page "banzai!" in red in a informal font connoting lads. The next caption "ROAD LEGAL F1 REPLICA" is also in red and the font in simple Arial plus in capital letters show that it's an important topic in this issue of the magazine. ...read more.


All the colours used is stereotypically male colours the colour gold has been used a lot whit this cover the background is mostly in gold to reflect the golden colour of the car. White is used whit the magazine name "MAX POWER". Most of texts are in white and red which is conventional in magazines. There is a use for blue colour at the top of the cover page the pick-up this to different because the magazine is not usually about pick-ups In conclusion The MAX POWER magazine is targeted at wide rage age group of males. How are into fast cars and car modifications. The signifiers have been chosen will by the designers as it relates vary will to the targeted audience. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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