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As a part of my Media Studies coursework this year I have decided to produce the first four pages of tabloid newspaper. My work will be promotional. I am designing these pages t

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Media Studies Advanced Production Critical Evaluation Introduction AS Medium - Film AS Brief - Create the opening of a thriller film A2 Medium - Print A2 Brief - first four pages of a tabloid newspaper with minimum of four original images The brief we were given last year for AS was to produce the opening of a thriller film. The sequence had to include titles and last between two to three minutes. The style of the film and newspapers are very different, as will be shown in the research. Last year we filmed and edited but this year I will work mainly with texts and prototypes of my layouts and making changes wherever necessary. Furthermore, the genre will not be the same - a flashy thriller movie opening is not the same as the first four pages of a newspaper. As a part of my Media Studies coursework this year I have decided to produce the first four pages of tabloid newspaper. My work will be promotional. I am designing these pages to attract people to buy the product and to read the articles. Tabloids newspapers have fairly clearly defined visual features - big headlines and large pictures, scandalous and gossipy stories, simple and chatty language. I have chosen to do this as this will allow me to clearly distinguish the differences between the styles and reporting techniques as tabloids and broadsheets are relatively contrasting genres of newspapers. I also like reading newspapers and I like the way tabloid newspapers like 'Daily Mail', 'The Mirror', 'The Sun' and other tabloids represent the news. Stories in tabloids tend to be short, not very detailed and the front pages capture headlines that are referred to by an added striking photograph. Many of these photographs are visually appealing to readers and also implicate what the headline is referring to. The pages contained in tabloid newspapers are generally designed to be eye catching for the reader. ...read more.


Section 2 I have decided to name my newspaper 'Daily Planet' because I think it suits my newspaper and as the news is about what is happening on this planet makes it very appealing. I am going to use a picture of earth as my logo because it represents earth as a planet. The language used in 'Daily Mail' is mainly monosyllabic language using simple vocabulary and mastheads and pictures take up a large proportion of the space. This means the stories in tabloids are not only easier to read but also shorter. Articles, like 'Hearty Breakfast?', 'Cheeky Prince' are short and can be quickly read. They are fairly easy to read and understand the language by using words like 'Bummed Out'. The audience will understand the message I am trying to bring across by reading the title and looking at the picture. The language is much sensationalised in tabloids also, this is because they want to sell more papers and making stories more dramatic can do this. The amount of 'hard news' that a paper decides to print is determined by the editorial policy of the paper. Tabloids do feature political stories, though they tend to prefer to focus on personalities of the politicians rather than the actual issues that may be relevant. I have worked very hard on the layout, as this is very important. (The designs of my layout can be seen in the appendices and how have I changed them to make them look more professional). The way I present my articles and my pictures should be eye catching and will make my audience want to read the rest of the article. The majority of tabloids are based on women's issues like, fashion, cookery, health and articles about women, relationships and real life issues. A newspaper should provide truthful information and explain the news and I have taken this into account and written all the articles as if something like that could really happen in real life, such as my article on a young girl who loves to go out to clubs and gets raped. ...read more.


People also thought that the layout was well presented and the articles were interesting to read. They also said that all the pictures were very attractive as they were looking straight at the camera and were inviting readers to read the articles and catching attention. They were aesthetically pleasing for the reader. The headlines were said to be very interesting, good size and font. The headlines were catching and make the reader want to the whole article with interest. 100 % of the people said that they would consider buying 'Daily Mail' if it was in the market. The price was thought fairly cheap. The overall presentation of the newspaper was rated 9 out of 10 by 60 %, 1 being the worse and 10 being the best. There was also some criticism in the questionnaire, such as the advertisement on the first page 'Win a Coloured IPOD' was thought to be too close together making it quite hard to read but overall the newspaper looked professional-like. The language used was easy to read and understand. It was similar to other tabloids, simple and easy. The first page was vivid and looked attractive using big pictures like the other tabloids and bright colours to lure the reader into wanting to read more. The way I positioned my main pictures complemented my main titles and related to the issues, which arise in the article. The lead stories are not finished on the front page - it continues on inside the pages like the other tabloids. 100% of the people liked reading all the articles I have written. The best article chosen was on Page 3, which was continued from page 1 which I thought, was good because the most interesting article is situated on the first page and their pictures were the favourite. I thought this was successful piece of coursework, which has been endorsed by the positive comments in the feedback. 3112 words. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 Gaganjit Kaur Year 13 ...read more.

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