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Brief for media practical production

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Brief for media practical production For my practical production I intend to work with two friends to produce a 5 minute clip from a soap opera. My soap opera will contain elements of traditional soap operas such as Eastenders and Emmerdale as it will conform to the codes and conventions of a typical soap opera. Emmerdale and Eastenders differ slightly in where the soap is set, and mostly by the audiences that they are targeting; Eastenders' target audience is more for the age group of around 15- 70, whereas, Emmerdales target audience is more for the age group of around 30-80. This is because of the setting and the scenes used within the soaps, for example, Emmerdale is set in Yorkshire with local amenities such as a pub and horse stables whereas in Eastenders there is a launderette, a local pub and a market store. ...read more.


In our soap we shall have a range of storylines going on in our 5 min sequence. At the start of our 5 min sequence we will have a high angle shot of Jessica's husband Johnny grabbing Bruce by the neck trying to force Bruce into telling him the whereabouts of his wife. We will establish that Johnny's wife was kidnapped and that Bruce has a part to play in it all. It will then cut straight into a romantic meal between a couple called Malcolm and Rosie. We will then have a more tense and action packed scene showing Jessica being tied up after being kidnapped, and her husband trying to get her back. ...read more.


This is why we found it beneficial to apply the most popular genre (action) in the opening as it will create enigma, suspense and above all keep our audience interested. In our soap we will also have a range of character types such as Bruce who is a 'gangster' and Johnny who is just trying to get his wife back. Bruce fits in with the character type of the 'boss figure' and conveys a range of attributes such as being powerful and in the centre of the trouble. Amy is the feisty young female and doesn't believe that Malcolm is doing anything wrong. Amy, who is having an affair with Malcolm, who happens to have a girlfriend, showing a fair comparison to the character Stacey Slater in Eastenders on BBC1. ...read more.

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