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Discuss whether a Reservoir dogs merits its 18-certificate classification?

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Discuss whether a Reservoir dogs merits its 18-certificate classification? Reservoir dogs is classified by the BBFC, the British Board Of film Classification (BBFC) is a non-government funded by body and makes its money through the videos, DVD's and digital games it classifies. Reservoir dogs is rated a 18 movie, this classification means that no-one younger than 18 may see this movie in cinema, rent or buy it. Reservoir dogs begins with the unusual setting of breakfast at a diner with a bunch of hoods in suits arguing over the merits of a Madonna video and the pros and cons of tipping. These guys have a much more disturbing agenda, however, as the plan is to knock off a jewellery store and get away with $2 million in diamonds. For this job, Joe Cabot and his son Nice Guy have assembled a wretched crew of scum and villainy. You never actually see the robbery itself, the film moves back and forth in time from the immediate aftermath of it, where the individuals make their escapes, to a warehouse that they had agreed to meet up with after the job. ...read more.


Blonde pours the gasoline all over the cop, who's pleading him not to do this. With the close up camera angles we feel as if we are the ones being tortured and this is not a scene that makes good viewing for any age. "I don't give a fuck what you know or don't know, but I'm goanna torture you anyway, regardless. Not to get information. It's so amusing for me to torture a cop. All you can do is pray for a quick death, which you aint goanna get" this is Mr blonde, the twisted and sickly perverted guy in the whole movie. He had no uncertainties about killing people .He loved torture and death. By his own admittance he liked to see the peoples expressions when they died. He was totally ruthless. He was a man who insisted on having total control. He liked controlling situations and people. When they were in the jewellery store he advised the employees not to hit the alarm. ...read more.


Although this movie may at first seem brash, violent, quickly paced and out of sequence, when one sees the movie with in its entirety and concentrates on the movie, and thinks about what is happening, it is actually a superb picture. It is important that the viewer looks past the layers of violence and swearing and looks deeper into the meaning of the film; it is a truly enjoyable and thought-provoking film. Some viewers will have to put aside their standards to tolerate some of the less desirable aspects of the movie; if viewers have a problem with profanity or violence, this is definitely not a movie for them. To conclude I think reservoir dogs values the 18 certificates very much by having a extreme violence; shootings and torture, also constant swearing and general adult conversation which even a young teen wouldn't understand. A plot to which only a adult would relate to as its all gangster underground stuff. Although the lack of sexual content lets down Reservoir dogs from being rated an 18, but the Mr. Blonde's torture scene makes up for that any day. Shiva Kumar 6R media studies coursework ...read more.

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