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Does desperate houswives offer new repesentations of women

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Does Desperate Housewives offer new representations of women? I am going to focus on the representation of women in Desperate Housewives and see whether traditional stereotypes are used or whether Desperate Housewives offers new representations of women. Desperate Housewives started in 2004. It attracted 4.86 million viewers by the end of its first series and became the biggest U.S T.V drama in the U.K since E.R. The show is a contemporary take on a 'happily ever after' and takes a darkly comedic look at suburbia where the audience follow the lives of 5 women living on Wisteria Lane. As the T.V drama was created in the 21st century, the audience would expect the women of Wisteria Lane to conform to a more modern representation of women, for example: being independent; having a good job, and being career driven, as opposed to the traditional archetype of the female mother figure, as shown in some fairytales. ...read more.


that originate from the idea of Adam and Eve. A femme fatale is an alluring and seductive woman who charms her lovers often leading them into compromising dangerous and deadly situations, such as when Eve tempts Adam into eating the apple. This role can be seen in the character of Edie Britt. Edie: "You're a woman. Manipulate him. That's what we do." Christian ideology is often shown in desperate housewives where we see the women tempting men and the men being victimized and tempted. An example of this is where we see Edie trying to seduce Orson whom is married, and eventually gives in by kissing her. This reflects the Christian ideology that women cause the downfall of man, and that men are manipulated and victimized by women. ...read more.


This shows the institutions western values and ideologies. In the 1970s "women were more frequently shown as weak, ineffectual, and victimized women's interactions were very often concerned with romance" (Gunter, 1995) Susan represents an overused and more vulnerable characterization of women. Susan, one of the leading characters of the show, is predominantly presented as a mother. However her main attempt is to seduce one of her neighbours, Mike. Susan is shown as weak because the majority of the time she ends up in tears after a relationship crisis, this is a typical representation of women, to be tearful and victimized, and almost suggests that women are incapable of dealing with the rejection of men, representing women as vulnerable and insecure. It could be argued that the women of desperate housewives are portrayed in this way as a male backlash at feminism and that men are happy in thinking that women cannot cope without them. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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