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Throughout our planet we are surrounded by media, through magazines, newspaper, internet, radio and, the most influential, television we are educated the news of the world. Just over 96 years ago the first working mechanical TV system was built, by a man name Boris Rosing, and it's now, in the 21st century the considered the most popular form of entertainment. It is adored by all ages and has become an essential part of the lives of millions of viewers. Television, as many researchers and scientists have said, influences the thoughts of its audience in good and, unfortunately bad ways, with TV broadcasters doing whatever necessary to profit from their shows. Television has a big impact on the youth of today, is the fact that our children are able to view scenes of sex, violence and excess bad language at such an early age have an affect on their future's? DOES TELEVISION INFLUENCE OUR BEHAVIOUR AND CAUSE US TO BE MORE VIOLENT? The programs watched on TV obviously depend on the preferences of the viewer(s), but the majority of people will watch films quite frequently. 'Action movies' have forever been the most popular genre due to the extreme amounts of violence throughout the film. ...read more.


He panicked and hit her, and eventually stabbed her in order "to get her quiet." He then stuffed her body underneath his bed and even helped in the "search" for her when she wasn't seen for several days. One day, as his mother was putting away some clothes in his room, she smelt a foul odor coming from what she thought was under the bed and she was horrified at what she found. The teenage boy is now behind bars where he will grow up, grow old, and then die. What is happening in the world today? Rapes, school shootings, gangs, everywhere you look there is violence and in many peoples' living rooms is the unnoticed reason behind it, the television, were its viewers are pulled into its realistic world of violent scenes. Television has become a teacher that is listened to more than any other in the lives of children now, and is welcomed into their homes. A lot of psychologists believe that the continued exposure to violence can speed up the impact of the 'real world' on a child and make the child become unhappy, and have a greater distrust towards others. Sometimes it could even make the child have awkward approaches to adult problems, it can destroy a young child's mind, and the effects may be permanent. ...read more.


All the visual ideas are already presented and we do not have to imagine as we do when reading a book. People have lost their imaginations and there will to think, we are so addicted to TV that even if we believed the healthier thing to do would be to read we could not force ourselves to switch off the TV. Once the television is on we are in a state of hypnosis, brain dead to the world surrounding us. As you can see there are advantages and disadvantages to the television, there is no doubt television influences our attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. Reality shows, Talk Shows, and Soap Operas all contribute to us being prevented from seeing the real truth in our society and what is considered important or not. On the other hand TV is extremely educational and is probably the greatest form of media. I believe that TV should not be an essential part of our daily lives, moderate amounts of it is certainly harmless, if not advantageous. By the time a child becomes an adult, he has witnessed over 12,000 acts of violence on a television screen per year. That equals 144,000 acts of violence between the ages of 5 and 18. The child has witnessed over 8,000 murders before finishing elementary school (APA 1997). GCSE English Coursework - T.V. 'Good or Bad' 2 ...read more.

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