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english media

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The media is a way to inform and entertain people. Media is very important it allows us to get information. There are many different types of media such as; * Film * Radio * Newspaper * Internet Films have always had a major impact on peoples lives and is also historically important. For example during the first world war films would allow people to get information about the war seen as many people couldn't read or write and didn't own a radio, so the cinema allowed them to find out more things. In the second world war it was used to escape from reality because many peoples lives were horrible because of bombs dropping, their families fighting and paranoia of someone you would talk to was a spy. It also showed propaganda adverts and Path´┐Ż news, seen as many people still couldn't read. There wasn't any television so people went to the cinema. When videos arrived there was a decline of the use of cinemas because cinemas were expensive and took a longer time that videos. Now the use of cinemas is rising because there is a wider range of films and people want to relax from the stresses of work. ...read more.


The prop manager have to make sure all of the props look good in the film and make sure they look realistic. There is also many more people invoked. Luhrmann wanted the film to be set in Miami because of the gangster resemblance. But they couldn't film in Miami because of film prices and the amount of people there so they decided to film in Mexico. Luhrmann chose Mexico because it symbolised a place far away. The film borrows diverse styles from the 1940's, 70's and 90's to create the impact it had. They had many ideas of what they wanted the actors to look like, and went around looking for similar people. They chose a famous person to be in the film because it bring familiarity and makes people want to see it if they are in it. They chose the actress they did to play Juliet because she looks like someone you could know. Costumes help with the meaning and understanding of the character, it also tells a story about them. The costumes they chose symbolised the characters and showed their attitudes through their clothes, the words said can also been shown through the costumes, because people might struggle with the language. ...read more.


The Montague boys shout at the ladies collage, which shows they are care free and don't care about the consequences. The music throughout the scene is things from a western to show there will be fighting and gun firing. Luhrmann uses lots of close ups during the scene, such as to show fear, or make someone look more dangerous when using a gun. The camera also looks up to certain characters to make them seem more scary, but also looks down on characters to make them look more scared. There are many slow motion shots this makes it seem more like a western. Luhrmann also made it so the Montague's and Capulet's are never in the same shot together, this is to show the distance between the families. They use many sound effects to emphasize movements, such as the screeching and roaring of cars to make it seem faster. To make the car sound more powerful they put the sound of a pumas roar. Tybalt is very dramatic with his movements. He is always shown like a bull fighter, by him acting elegantly such as when he ripped off his shirt or when he shooting, he uses dance steps. The scene ends with fire because it shows how dangerous things have got. ...read more.

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