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Examine and Evaluate the various techniques and methods that the directors of PIF's use to convey their messages. Public Information Films were designed to form and shape public behaviour

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Examine and Evaluate the various techniques and methods that the directors of PIF's use to convey their messages. Public Information Films were designed to form and shape public behaviour. These films were set up by the ministry of information. It was renamed just after the war as the central office of information. Over the years, COI used increasingly more sophisticated techniques. The directors have used humour and seriousness in the PIF's to convey their messages. The humorous ones are Pedestrian Crossing with Ken Dodd, Door Chain, Fire Doors with Patsy Rowlands and Peter Cleal and Blood Donors with Ernie Wise and Glenda Jackson. I will discuss the serious ones first, however some of them are linked to humour. Now these PIF's are about if a rabies outbreak enters in the UK and similar ones that convey the same message. Others are Stubble Burning, Broken guns, How to vote at a general election and Lonely Water. Lonely Water coveys the message of preventing children from dangerous bodies of water- no swimming, no going in ponds, no lakes and rivers. The Grim Reaper is in this to see the foolish children swimming and waiting for death. ...read more.


Then a high angle shot is focused on the subject to show it vulnerable, alone and in jeopardy. Another high angle shot allow us to see the animal context. Then the Medium Close Up of the lady and we hear her gasp as the dog approaches her. Pathos is trying to appeal to the emotional side. A quick zoom focuses onto the road sign in bold capitals which creates an emotional response with a stern voice-over. A zoom-out of another sign ends in a long shot with bold capitals. Stubble Burning starts off with the initial shot of the news radio so it's presented like a news report. Jimmy Savell, popular then who people trust shows ethos. Ethos is a celebrity endorsement. He uses useful slogans like 'Burning straw comes under the law' and 'stay out of trouble with burning stubble'. The instructions are delivered in a famous media rule of 3's which comes at ease. Doing something wrong comes first then something right and finally something wrong. Broken Guns starts with an extreme-close up and then the establishing shot with a gun firing. A loud sound and then a quiet one with a serious voice-over of the sound of the hunters walking on the crackling, crunching grass builds up that sense of tension. ...read more.


The directors have used a vast number of techniques and methods to convey their messages from voice-overs to bold capitals and captions, different types of shots, ethos, pathos, humour, diegetic sounds, signs, animations and freeze frames. They used ethos to capture the audience's attention especially children who trusted a voice-over artist called Cribbins in the 'Ice Cream Van' which I didn't mention. He used basic and simple language which would appeal to them. They also trusted Jon Pertwee. The director used a word called 'SPLINK' which combines stop, look and think before crossing a road. Patsy Rowlands was in carryon films, Ernie wise, a comic entertainer and Glenda Jackson, a serious actress. Humour and animations were often linked together for the children and to convey a serious message. The directors used voice-overs and bold captions so it can stick into the mind and to give an instruction which is used well. The different angles of shots create a sense of movement, tension and show the consequences after the action. The diegetic sound also creates tension and the freeze frame creates emphasis. The director uses signs such as green symbolising 'GO' and the white cross turning into a tombstone to build up an image or idea. Overall, there are more techniques used in the serious PIF's than the humorous PIF's. ?? ?? ?? ?? Idris Malik 10NS ...read more.

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