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Fight Club, The First Scene

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Fight Club, The First Scene Fight Club, directed by David Fincher, is a movie of man versus himself and man versus society. The movie encompasses the struggle of a man trying to find his true self and his place in society. The first scene of Fight Club helps the viewer understand how the rest of the movie will unfold and the meaning behind it. The first scene really begins with the opening credits. The scene opens with a backward tracking shot. The setting has appearances of being under water or even space, all digital effect. The shot then seems to transcend through something and fades to black. The shot then tracks down a person's face and backwards following the barrel of a gun. ...read more.


Then cut to a beautiful medium shot from outside of the building looking in at the narrator and Tyler with the reflection of the city in the window. Then suddenly the camera does a fast tracking shot down the building, transcends the street to basement of the building. The camera stops with a medium shot of a van with a bullet hole in it. The camera then tracks forward, transcends the windshield, and stops on a close up of a bomb in the van. Then there is another fast tracking shot out of the van, out of the building, across the street and into another building. The shot stops on another bomb under this building. Next there is a cut back to medium shot in front of narrator with him still looking back at Tyler looking out the window. ...read more.


Once the shot moves out of his head, the audience sees a gun in the mouth of the narrator. This actually is a continuation of the mind and the narrator is actually the person holding the gun in his own mouth. The narrator thinks it is Tyler Durden, his best friend, but Tyler is also a continuation of his mind. The scene also shows bombs under two skyscrapers of the city. After the first scene the viewer realizes the movie is going to be about how the narrator arrived in this position and how those bombs came to be under those building. In closing, this scene conveys that the entire movies is about a man struggling with his mind and alter ego, and how he arrived at his present position Mohammed Imran Daji ...read more.

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