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How do magazines for females use language to target different age groups?

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How do magazines for females use language to target different age groups? Introduction: Magazines are there as entertainment purpose and also to give information if one is interested on a specific topic like `Auto Trader' which is aimed at a readership that is interested in buying cars or `Elle' which is a fashion magazine. I wanted to investigate how the language varies in magazines aimed at females in different age groups and I plan to investigate this by getting magazines and analyzing a text to find common and different linguistical features like the semantic, lexical, grammatical and pragmatic choices used in the magazines to attract the target audience. The three magazines I shall be using are `Elle', `Sugar' and `Go Girl' which are all aimed at different readerships. I carried out a survey to find out the age group range for all three magazines. I think I shall find that the `Elle' magazine uses less informal vocabulary, and has long complex sentences as the readership have a greater understanding and are more developed in their vocabulary than the target audience for `Sugar' and `Go Girl' who are still developing their vocabulary. Another difference I think I may find is the exclusive lexis used in `Sugar' as it is aimed at teenagers who tend to use a lot of slang. ...read more.


This is why there are a lot of words that appeal to the emotion of reader like `swept', `breathless', `soaked', `passion', `angry', `exhilarated', `happy' and `feel' However in `Sugar' a lot of colloquial terms, slang language and informal words are used. The lexis is more describing about the teenagers `love' life, friends and family situation Slang is used in the text to exclude other age groups from understanding the context. The text uses the following informal words: COLLOQUIAL WORDS sweetie buds mo' tons gonna mates `em guy natter loads bust tad feisty corny `cause fab SLANG WORDS gal chicks strop fella sitch tetchy fret There are a lot of colloquial and slang terms used as shown in the tables above showing how the text uses a lot of informal language to appeal to the reader's i.e. teenagers who use these words everyday. These words cannot be found in `Elle' as it is aimed at reader's who are reading this fashion magazine to learn about the latest trends and sort of learning how to be sophisticated which comes back to being formal. And so using such informal language in that magazine would be out of context. Some of the colloquial words can be found in the `Go Girl' magazine as this also an informal and tries to use simple language so that it is easier for the young girls to understand. ...read more.


`Go girl' hardly has any figurative language and is quite straightforward but it does have an idiom i.e. `on the horizon' which means something will be happening soon. Conclusion After analysing the data I have found that for a younger audience the lexis is quite basic, sentences are shorter and have a basic construction and most of the text is in the literal sense so that it is easier for them to understand the article from the magazine. In teen magazine the lexis starts to become harder, the sentences become longer and start to become complex in construction and the text is partly in the literal sense and partly in non-literal sense as teenagers begin to develop the language skill of understanding the underlined meaning and not to take everything literally. The adult's magazine tends to longer sentences and use complex constructions, as they already understand the construction of long complex sentences, have a higher vocabulary and a better understanding of the underlined meaning as so the use of more figurative language in the text. Evaluation: I did find some of the features I expected to find but I don't think that using Horoscope's as an example article was good. Also if I had used a fashion magazine for teenagers and little girl's instead of entertainment magazines or an entertainment magazine for young adults then maybe the I could have had better findings. ...read more.

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