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How does the film 'Let Him Have It' manipulate audience emotions?

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How does the film 'Let Him Have It' manipulate audience emotions? My overall impressions of the film are basically to the point that it was very successful in manipulating my feelings, to feel for Derek Bentley. Throughout the film, I was manipulated by many means, to believe that Derek was innocent, and should not have been hanged, as he, the film manipulates us to believe, has done nothing wrong. The definition of manipulation is this: "With skill, to influence by unfair means or cunning, for example, to give false appearance to". Even before we watch the film, we are being manipulated, and this is by the film's cover. A picture of two men, Craig and Derek, confronts us. Craig is wearing black - this makes us think that he is associated with evil. He looks pale, as if like a vampire, which signifies the fact that he 'feeds' off Derek. He is smiling, with a style typically referred to as a gangster smile. He has a gun in his hand, which shows he has the power to kill. ...read more.


Clothing isn't really an issue in audience manipulation, except that it validates the time that the film is based in, as the style of clothing worn was the same as that of the time. The main form of manipulation is the camera angles, as this is the easiest for the director to create. When there is an emotional moment, the camera will almost always close-up on the person's face, showing their eyes mainly. The music plays a big part in manipulating us. As with any movie, it would be dull, and not thrilling without music. The music is the single thing that makes the difference, in reality, between a home-movie, and a 'million-dollar' movie. In 'Let Him Have It' the same piece of music is used throughout the whole film. However, we are made to believe it changes, by the way that the speed or pitch changes in certain parts, whether to define an event or not. For example, the music would sound sombre when Derek is being hanged, rather than fast and rhythmic when Craig is on the roof shooting. ...read more.


The clock on the mantelpiece is heard. And as the camera zooms into it, the chiming gets louder. After the clock has chimed for the last time, the clock stops. This manipulates us into thinking that Derek's spirit somehow caused the clock to stop, or that he was hanged 'in cold blood'. Derek's epilepsy plays a major part in this film, and it helps the movie to make sense. At the beginning of the film, we see that he gets the epilepsy from being in the middle of a bombing raid during World War Two. We see him as he develops, and how the epilepsy affects his life, and his ability to live like a 'normal' human. We see him getting caught in a shed, and we see him at an approved school, which shows he is having difficulty learning, because of his problem. In my opinion, it is inevitable that the viewer of this film will be manipulated. 'Let Him Have It' certainly manipulated me. But, we must put into contrast, the fact that all films will manipulate us, because the director controls what he or she wants the viewer to see and believe. ...read more.

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