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How important is distinctiveness and originality in the ever changing television market? Answer with reference to a range of existing television channels.

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How important is distinctiveness and originality in the ever changing television market? Answer with reference to a range of existing television channels. Distinctiveness and originality are always key in any aspect of the media, as it allows anything to be set apart from the rest, drawing the audiences attention towards it. However distinctiveness and originality are becoming a thing of the past as ideas are running thin. Constantly we are able to see similar or replicas of past programming on our screens, whether it be in reality television, soap storylines or big dramas. The BBC have always been known for is popular programming. In the early days of the BBC, they strived to follow a common trend of having an educational programme, follow an entertainment programme. However, as such programming scheduling has been scrapped, both educational programmes do appear in the scheduling. ...read more.


With The Blue Planet exploring the earths final frontier, from the deep to the shore, from pole to pole. It revealed new and extraordinary life and behaviour that had never before been captured on film. While Son on God used breakthroughs in archaeology, astronomy, forensic science and history to help viewers make up their own minds about the man who changed the world. There is said to be no crisis of orginality in British television - though there may be for ITV. Why is this? Well for one ITV has a very important and unique posistion as the only UK channel expected to deliver a mass audience to advertisers, day in day out. With this kind of pressure on their backs ITV have the most to prove with originality and distinctiveness in their programming. Numerous programmes have catered to these needs in recent years. ...read more.


Channel 4 continued to find new formats and reach new audiences with Musicality, Cheating At Athens - Is It Worth It?, Bollywood Star, The Great British Asian Invasion and Time Team's Big Dig. Overall i feel that originality and distinctiveness has great importance of the ever changing television market, as it sets each channel apart form one another. Also it allows us all to see the potential that these channels have and what they could do when they enter the digital age after the analogue switch off. With this originality and distinctiveness, will the Big 5 be able to compete in the digital age with numerous other channels pinning for the maximum audience share? Yes, i feel they will as they will have a step up on the other channels with their programming. However i feel that this will only happen if the Big 5 continue and improve their originality and distinctiveness in programming, instead of settling for a common concept. ...read more.

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