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In the following essay I will discuss and compare 2 different front covers of magazines

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Media study's In the following essay I will discuss and compare 2 different front covers. I will write about whom the target audience is, what they benefit, the similarities, what to the publishers receive, what the advertisers receive and finally my opinion on both magazines. In the first magazine which is "MATCH". This magazine is aimed at football fans and women who think some footballers are good looking. This appeals to the fans because they want to keep up to date with all the latest info and to see if there are any other freebies that come with it. It appeals to women because they mainly just probably take the pictures and some poster that may come with it. The illustrations on the front cover has a great effect as people like to know which players are featuring and that they know there not getting any old rubbish magazine and it leads them to know what they are going to be reading. ...read more.


The magazine is persuading teenagers to do a lot off things and also making them think before they do something that they may regret. This is giving a brief indication to what the contents of the magazine are and other info. The colour for the title is red because it stands out and is probably the most effective colour. The subtitles are white because then it makes it clear easily read rather then any other colour. The images colour is vary as different teams have different colours. The connotes sugar as in sweet, this is saying that most girls are sweet and kind. The language used in bliss is quite formal and nearly everyone can understand it as it quite straight forward and easily seen. The target audience will benefit from these magazines because they will gain lots off info and can spend there time reading whichever magazines and some people may find out and get to know different people who feature in the magazine. ...read more.


The advertisers receive more customers and this means they feel that they have accomplished for there reason to advertise in a great magazine which lots people read and they can pass the message around to other people about the advert they have seen and read. When the advertisers receive this they will keep on advertising in the same magazine because they may receive confidents. My final opinion is that both magazines are great and both have the same sort off target audience but I prefer the layout off the sugar magazine because it is much clearer with the writing off the subtitles and the match magazine is to fully pack which makes it a bit hard to understand. I will also want to comment that both magazines are great but in there both and equal way which sound reasonable to me .So altogether I will finish off with that sugar is aimed at girls and boys who like the picture and match is mainly aimed at football fans and women who like the footballers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mrs garlick ...read more.

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