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Jaws essay In the summer of 1975 world-renowned director Steven Spielberg produced a film so frightening

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Jaws essay In the summer of 1975 world-renowned director Steven Spielberg produced a film so frightening that still today 30 years after the film was first previewed, the infamous theme tune brings Goosebumps to viewers all over the planet. This now legendary movie tapped into the most primal of human fears, the fear of what lurks below the dark surface of water. Jaws now known as the mother of all summer blockbusters uses many iconic images to create tension, in this essay I shall analyse the first four scenes of the movie paying careful attention to imagery, pace of tension and iconic references In the very first scene, Spielberg uses a black background. This mise-en -scene is used to target the fear, within humans of being unable to se your attacker. To connote further Spielberg could have used the black mise-en-scene to hint at the weakness of the viewer in that situation, alone in the dark and vulnerability. Diegetic noises can be heard, the sound of bubbles and swift water movement. Spielberg used this to add tension; he used the sea noises to remind the viewer of the fact they are in danger. The sea in inhabitable for humans and so whatever is in the water is not humanly natural; this plants an enigma into the audience's minds. What kind of monster swim's in the pitch black? ...read more.


A mid-shot of the male stumbling drunkenly across the dunes calling to the female asking her where they are going is used to enhance the isolation of them. The young girl replies to his query with a high-pitched "swimming" The fact she has stressed this word reminds the audience of their prior knowledge of something evil in the waters. By this point tension is beginning to mount. The young blonde dives into the water naked. I can connote two facts that are relevant with this scene. Number one is that the girls dive is perfect showing the audience that however dumb and na�ve the picture has painted her, she is skilled in water an able swimmer. The second is the fact that the female is naked, this not only used to add vulnerability but to also add tension. The view from underneath the girl is a low angle long shot, the fact she is alone is mimicked by the starless sky and darkness of the night. As the motif begins to play, you know something terrible is about to happen. There is a close up on the girls face; Suddenly the girl is pulled underwater screaming and crying. The film then cuts to the male who ironically is sleeping peacefully on the safety of dry land; the first light of dawn is beginning to break in the background birds can faintly be heard The young woman is eventually dragged underwater. ...read more.


Scene four begins with non-Diegetic noise a radio can be heard playing but no radio is within view at this point. There is a long shot of a billboard that ironically features a blonde haired girl who is strikingly similar to the young girl that has just been killed. This is Spielberg once again using dramatic irony as only the audience know about the death of the young girl. Suddenly the car stops, and a mad come into mid-shot crying and blowing his whistle. The mise-en-scene is that of a rough ocean possibly signifying turmoil below the waters. The camera shot then changes to that of a close up. Gulls and other sea side Diegetic noises can be heard, the view is that of a mutilated hand. The fact Spielberg does not show more of the mutilated body gives the Audience an enigma. The men struggled to hold down vomit, the man who originally found The body has saliva dribbling down his face showing pure shock horror. All in all I believe Spielberg used many useful iconic images to help him create the ultimate summer horror film of all time. But at the same time created many iconic images of his own, Such as the eerie jaws jaw's motif. People from all ages can hear the tune and feel Goosebumps surging from there skin as the horror sets in. ...read more.

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