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Magazine Front Cover Evaluation.

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Magazine Front Cover Evaluation For this piece of coursework my aims were to produce a front cover for a magazine from a specific genre of my choice. Some of the intentions of this piece were to break some of the current conventions of the particular genre of magazine. To identify these conventions I have researched a range of similar magazines such as, 'Q' and 'Kerrang'. These magazines have broadened my knowledge of this chosen genre. These magazines have helped me to create my cover by their demographics, these include, (age, gender, social class and representation). All of these factors have influenced the style of the cover and its linguistic and graphic codes. This allowed me to create a cover that would appeal to my target audience. ...read more.


For these reasons I have chosen to create a 'fanzine' magazine which will target 'Rolling Stones' fans. After identifying my target audience I initially tried to appeal to them by creating a catchy title and by using a Stones song as the title. This is am intertextual reference. The image chosen for the cover was of 'Mick' Jagger' looking sexy, but with something to hide. This is an enigma. This image was chosen because 'Mick' is seen as an attractive role model, which would appeal to my audience. The key image is shot in a medium shot, It denotes 'Mick' in a sexy yet seductive pose with something to say hence the headline 'World Exclusive! Jagger Reveals ALL!'. ...read more.


This catchy name attracts the audience. It is also imperative to the audience as it instructs them what to do, this is a sort of challenge to the audience. The red and black colours also represent the Stones. The font that is chosen not only attractive to the audience but also very eye catching. The name 'Start Me Up' also suggests that the magazine is new. The puff 'The ONLY Stones Magazine' suggests originality but also a new magazine that is one of a kind. This also appeals to my target audience, making it seem exclusive. I have used a wide range of linguistic devices such as puns, alliteration and also special offers to appeal to the audience. I believe that my magazine cover is a success and that it has been constructed to appeal to my target audience. 673 Words As Level Media Studies Coursework James Price ...read more.

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