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Media effect

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Although what constitutes the media and its products may change over time, certain characteristics of media can be pointed out at any particular time. Those basic characteristics are that it reaches a large number of people, it is usually privately consumed and it is shared widely among the audience. As a result, an ever increasing proportion of people are being influenced by the media in a number of ways, both positive and negative. Many social psychological researches have looked at the influence of the media on some children's anti-social behaviours and negative effects of media on children in general. Media violence and its effects on children seems to be the most interesting topic as there are many research studies that have been conducted to invest this. Research studies have proved that the form of media which contains things like violence, aggressive behaviour and sexuality usually negatively affect children in terms of their behaviours, body image and school achievement. ...read more.


In some cases, it is even worse: the parents do not care at all and this is just another push the children to unhealthy media text and further depravity in their lives. As a result of that, those negative effects will lead to not only problems of physical health but also school performance failure. Because of the huge amount of time the children spend viewing television, listening to music, watching films, playing computer games or surfing the Internet, they become more sedentary, and obesity is the result. Children are just wasting their time, sitting their watching the TV with glassy-eyes, it seems that their brains are not working as much as they should do and bodies are not being used to do things in order for the child to develop. Things can be worse as children become less sociable and even become depressed and other psychological illness later on. ...read more.


Besides, before and after pictures of people who take drugs and alcohol inform the children and warn them of the danger of doing that. Besides, watching violent film has been claimed to be an unhealthy phenomenon. People tend to be more aggressive as they watch more and more violent films. However, media also plays an important role in developing children's abilities to distinguish the reality and imaginary world shown in the films. In conclusion, the positive effects of the media on children are on a smaller scale than the negative effect. The educational messages are less attractive to children then violent ones. However, it is impossible to conclude anything yet, as there has been no research which indicates a clear relationship between media and anti-social behaviours. Whether the media affects children more negatively or positively need to be studied in more deeply to understand this relationship as the topic has been argued for a very long period. ...read more.

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