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Media horror trailer breif

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MEDIA HORROR TRAILER BRIEF For my media coursework I will be making a horror film trailer, this will be done by filming and editing ourselves. The sub genre of our trailer is a 'slasher film' (sometimes referred to as body count films and dead teenager movies) involving a psychopathic killer, who stalks and murders a series of victims, in this case teenagers as it follows the typical conventions of a slasher, which helps the audience associated the trailer to a certain genre, also another trademark for this type is that the killer wears a mask to hide his/her identity. Although this is a well used method, it still leaves the audience in panic. I studied past year's horror trailers and analysed what worked, and what didn't, I found the more successful trailers used teenagers as the victims and sound tracked with an eerie, fast paced song brought more tension to the trailer as it doesn't give the audience much insight on how the film will out end, but leaves enigma codes to suggest possible outcomes. ...read more.


A usual assumption with horror films is that it'll leave you in discomfort and fear of what's safe but the genre also has it's 'pleasures'. These are because when you're in a cinema or at home watching a film you're in the comfort of others and you can escape from reality and live another's life, but without the physical pain, which can't be done any other way, but films allow this. I would categorize this as a date movie because it's not overly gory, like in splasher style films such as the Saw trilogy where it can leave the audience feeling slightly nauseous. The function of a trailer is to advertise the final film which would be for theatrical release at cinemas. The narrative will follow a non-linear pattern and fit's into Todorov's theory. It will consist of an equilibrium, dis-equilibrium and a new equilibrium. ...read more.


Simple techniques that can be use to represent time, mood, place and events will be added, for example, putting a grey scale onto a clip symbolises it was in 'the past' or was one of the characters memories. Also if seens containing danger are shot with a low-key lighting it will suggest the sinister thret. In terms of music i will mainly using a song from an professional artist, but to create sound effects and to select how the music builds up i can experiment with a programme called 'Garage Band'. The trailer will be topped off with a voice-over spoken in a deap, male tone which could be represented or linked to the killer. The editing software i will use to edit the trailer will be 'Sony Vegas 7.0' and possibly I-Movie which is on Apple Mac computers, the scenes will be filmed used a mini-DV camera attached to a tripod when needed to get still shots and panning shots without it looking like a home movie. Tasks are shared within the group so we all do an equal load. ...read more.

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