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Produce an extract from a documentary series, or current affairs programme to include studio presentation, interview and either theme tune or jingle.

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Brief and Research The task was to produce an extract from a documentary series, or current affairs programme to include studio presentation, interview and either theme tune or jingle. The text would last around five minutes and must sound professional. To do this I needed to develop skills in recording and editing. For this project to be completed successfully I needed to know about how radio documentaries and current affairs programs are made. The college has its own radio studio that is to a high standard and quite professional equipment. The college uses mini disks to record and transfer data. The mini disk recorders are fairly professional and I found that they were easy to transport around for interviews. I felt that using the equipment in the radio station wasn't too difficult because I use to be a radio DJ for my previous schools. The radio stations that I listened to were BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, Newcastle, Metro and Galaxy. The public radio stations are all ran by BBC the others are commercial. Commercial radio stations have a convention of being entirely music based. This is because they need to attract audiences of large audiences for advertisers. ...read more.


The lecturer said that this is a feasible idea because students moving into his area had affected him himself and believes that they are significant to not only the economy but also the community. The next stage was to organise interviews with possible interviewees that would benefit my program. Living in Durham and knowing residents who have been living here for quite awhile I found that organising interviews was not that difficult. We discussed that Michael would be dealing with the narrative and myself would conduct the interviews. This was because I knew the possible interviewees better and we thought I would be more comfortable with them. Michael also has a clearer voice making him more understandable and suitable as a presenter. Every radio documentary is scripted, this is because the program will be structured and organised instead of sounding spontaneous. This means we will have to prepare the links, cues and introduction for the program before doing any actual recording in the studio, this is to not waste studio time for other students. The interviews that I will conduct will mainly be soft interviews because these are generally easier to do and a hard, formal interview will be too difficult for me to produce at this stage. ...read more.


It contains all the relevant information needed and is a good device for advertising. The editing process of the program went well. Only one interview had slight distortion in because I had the sound levels to low and we had to change the gain so high that it amplified the little sounds in the background. The order that the program went was done well and in chronological order as we began with Durham University's birth to the present day. I believe that Michael did well in giving facts to the audience. He spoke to them as people and not listeners; I believe that this is good because it sounds like a conversation rather than speaking to the masses. After I showed the lecturer my final piece, she suggested that we should change the order slightly and re-phrase some of the questions because it was a little long. We returned to the studio and edited the questions again and re-phrased the links. I believe that the final piece now is slightly shorter but this is better as the program doesn't drag. The final piece has a slight accent to the speech. This is acceptable though as it is being aired on a local station. The accent would allow the users to identify with the program. The program contains fact and is informative as a documentary should be. Steven Truong - 1 - ...read more.

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