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Research various films and their directors.

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Research/Film and Directors Influences I am going to research various films and their directors and writers. From this research I wish to discover what has influenced them and how they came up with their story lines. Although I will be researching these various factors, I will be concentrating more on directors and writers who have depicted their films on cancer related topics. Films are often imperfect reflections of our lives. Movies have been blamed for creating disturbing and profane cultural images, leading to societal illnesses such as isolation, sexual deviancy, and violence. Whether or not art imitates life, or life imitates art, it could be helpful for me to study how films have shown medical themes. This may be worthwhile as I will learn more about cancer and understand how cancer and medicine are perceived in popular culture. Medical themes have always been popular in movies. An author claims Hollywood studios released more than 100 films with medical or surgical themes in the 1930s and 1940s. ...read more.


Over half of the film cancer patients are under thirty years of age, and three quarters are under forty. I strongly believe that leukaemia and lymphoma has become the most common movie cancer so film makers can continue to depict "clean" cancers, in young, attractive people. Although movies with medical themes have been common from the 1930s, films with oncology themes were not very common until 1970, but they became more common in the 1990s. This could very well be the result of changes in the film industry, demographics, interest in medical topics, and in movie audiences . Below are some films that have influenced my movie. The reason they have influenced my movie is because they both depict cancer and show how it affects various people's lives. Who Will Love My Children As this film shows a mother who worries over her children and looks after them constantly I have looked to it for influence. The mother is everything the mother in my film will be, she cares a lot for her children and they depend a lot on her, when she gets sick she is unable to do this. ...read more.


I began to work on an outline so I could flesh out the story and characters." NewSong released the song in the winter of 2000, at the end of the following October the book was published, and by December the 1st of 2002 the film was released onto small screen. I believe Andy Wolk was very passionate about making this film, and it reflects through in his work. He done an amazing job at getting the audiences attention and making them empathise with the characters and feel like they are present in the film. He heightens our emotions by laying hands on something which is close to our hearts and then pulling the trigger on it. I hope to achieve in my film, the sense of passion he has created in his, perhaps even capture the heart of my audience. The reason I chose to study this film and director more closely that the director of 'Who Will Love My Children' is because it concentrates on the child's view point of his mother being terminally ill rather than the mother's view point. In my film I wish to portray the daughters view of her mothers illness. ...read more.

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