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Robin Hood Film Analysis

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Robin Hood The genre of this movie is adventure/action. An adventure movie involves an exciting story with new experiences and exotic locales. For this movie it is the Nottingham Forest. These films are intended to appeal mainly to men, forming vital heroic views. The structure is signifying as it travels through, conquests, explorations, and creation of empires, struggles and situations that confront the main characters, actual historical figures or protagonists. Action and adventure movie have tremendous crossover potential as film genres. It has deep impact, physical stunts, battles and weapons. Act I, is used to introduce the characters. Robin Hood is introduced as a prisoner in Jerusalem as he went out there for a conquest. His fellow friend Azeem is also introduced alongside him. As Robin Hood breaks out of the prison with the brother of Marina and Azeem, the brother of Marina gets killed. Azeem and Robin get back to England and make their way to Nottingham, on the way to his castle he finds a situation where a boy is being chased by a couple of men. As being a hero that he is he goes and helps the boy and confronts the men. ...read more.


You see the shadow of Robin Hood riding on top of the hill. John Little and Robin Hood are talking about the people who were captured as John Little's son was also taken away. Suddenly, you see Robin Hood's younger brother coming back after being prisoned by the Sheriff, telling him that he was only let go as he was going to kill Robin himself. Act iii, starts as soon as they start planning on how to set the people free because they find out that they are all going to be hung. They get back to the castle, fight and make a stand. They defend themselves and fight the military of the Sheriffs command. While Robin and his fellows are attacking his castle, the Sheriff is very eager to marry Marina so he can accomplish his evil plans of becoming the king of England. Robin Hood and Azeem sneak into hew private area of the castle and Robin fights the Sheriff. Azeem is fighting the evil witch. Robin Hood kills the sheriff, Azeem kills the witch .At the end, Robin Hood gets married to Marina in Sherwood Forest and the king of England comes to their wedding. ...read more.


On his advent, he finds out the bad news that the enemies heave slain his father and his land is confiscated by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin is out for revenge for his father's death. The Sheriff of Nottingham kills Robin Hood's father. However Robin Hood does not find out until he comes back home to England, this makes it Consequential. After Robin Hood found out that his father is dead he goes to Marina .You can feel that a very strong chemistry builds up between the two and when Marina comes to the hide out of the Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, both of them get even closer. From this point you don't just feel but you see a strong bond generated which could be called Love. At the Robin Hood goes to the Sheriffs castle to free the captured Marina the person he loves and after he frees her they kiss passionately. This evolves into the last scene of them getting married. This is a long term effect as it very slowly builds up and the cause is right at the end, therefore this is consequential. The Sheriff attacks the hide out of Robin Hood. Shortly after Robin Hood and his fellows decide to attack the Sheriff and free their beloved ones. This is consecutive. ...read more.

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