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Short Film Production

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Introduction For the Eye Of The Duck we were given a written script of what the characters have to say in the short film. Before we began to come up with ideas and screen plays we first had to; learn how to use the new HDV camera's, then come up with our own idea and present it to the class and then after being put into groups we then had to start our pre production. To understand how to use HDV camera I first had know understand the concept of; White Balance and Light Exposure. HDV camera's is a high definition video recording device format which uses of MPEG2 compression to fit a High Definition onto the same DV. White balancing is a process that removes unrealistic colour casts so when objects been recorded appears white in person and are rendered white in your photo. ...read more.


A script supervisor also marks lines through the script to let the director know how many of the film's scenes have been completed, or covered in film speak. The 180* degree line is the basic filming guideline that states that The 180 degree rule has become part of the unique language of cinema, a visual language that helps an audience to view a film coherently. It ensures that portions of space tally from shot to shot and thus the audience is not disoriented. When cutting between two characters that are talking to one another adherence to the 180 degree rule and making sure that eye lines match means the audience understands the characters location, even when they are not in the same frame. Since the Eye of the duck script was already written I had to come up with an idea that would match the script and also to give more flavour to make the short movie more different. ...read more.


I thought it would be a creative idea if I compare the two films into one creating a thriller, comedy and drama. Making the Guy Forks character the imagery masked man and the young girl who creates the imagery masked man. Who will be my targeted audience? To help me find out who is my target audience I first need to identify the type of audience who enjoys; drama's, thrillers and comedy, particularly the audience who enjoy the main films I decided to base my film on. Since my film genre is a thriller, drama and comedy I decided to aim my audience to a teenage and young adult age, but it really can depend on the person who enjoys thriller and drama, it's the type of person that would love to watch Fight Club or V for Vendetta and enjoy the idea of not seeing the enemy or having a invisible friend. ?? ?? ?? ?? "Eye Of The Duck" Production Log ...read more.

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