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Successful films depend as much on marketing and distribution to a specific audience as they do upon good production practices. To what extent do you agree?

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked Question: successful films depend as much on marketing and distribution to a specific audience as they do upon good production practices. To what extent do you agree with this statement Effective marketing and high quality production are normally used together to create a successful film both in terms of financial and critical success. However, there are other factors that contribute to the success of a film such as the collaboration between two companies/corporations to achieve a mutually beneficial effect that furthers both corporations’ interests (synergy). To explore this question I will be using three case studies: The Kings Speech (2010), Attack the Block (2011) and the high budget mainstream film Spectre (2015). How a film is produced greatly affects the audience that the film will attract and also how well the film will be critically received. This is because different genres of films attract different audiences. For instance, the independent film I studied (Attack the Block) had a hybrid genre of sci-fi, comedy, horror and action. The target audience for the film was young British youths who could relate to the characters and narrative in the picture; young actors such as John Boyega were cast in order to appeal to the films teenage target audience. The budget for this film was around £8 million which is quite high for a film of this nature. Independent films usually have low budgets and have complex and meaningful plots. ...read more.


This can also generate success in Britain as well as the majority of the British people also like the royal family. The genre of The Kings Speech is a British biographical and historical drama. The royal setting of the film and the nostalgic feeling it invoked in regards to British heritage played a major part in the success of the film. The film was distributed by momentum pictures in the UK and The Weinstein Company in America. The film was shown on. The film was shown at 395 screens in the UK and, thanks to the Weinstein Company, at 1,543 cinemas across North America. The films marketing and distribution budget was much higher than the films production budget and it seems that this proved very effective especially in terms of reaching a U.S audience. The Kings Speech was funded by the BFI, film 4 and prescience. Prescience is a group that involves very rich people such as footballers who invest their money into films in order to make more money. The film received very large amounts of funding from this institute that was put towards a very effective marketing campaign. The release of the film was also very aptly timed in accordance with the awards season (around January/February time). When the film did well at the academy awards receiving several nominations, this was used to help market the film further and I believe that this would have made a huge difference to the amount of people that went to see the film. ...read more.


This could be considered synergy as both companies benefit from these kinds of deals as the advertisers of the product get some very effective marketing for their product and the film makers get additional publicity and also a large sum of money for the trouble they went to putting the product in the film. The hype around the Bond title theme tune created a lot of publicity for the film as many people were talking about who was going to sing the new bond theme tune. This turned out to be Sam Smith who is a British up and coming artist who already has a large fan base that will now be more interested in the film. This song is also the first Bond theme song to be a number one single in the history of the franchise. In conclusion, from the films I have studied I believe that marketing and distribution in some cases is more important to the success of a film than good production practices as a films ability to reach a large audience is vital to its success in the modern world, However good production practices and a good choice of genre can really boost a films audience by either winning academy awards or appealing to a large specific audience. Because of this I believe that good production practices are still important to the success of a film It is also clear that an international audience coupled with a wide distribution system to sell the film is now essential in modern film making. ...read more.

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