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Teenage Magazine Assignment.

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TEENAGE MAGAZINE ASSIGNMENT Teenage magazines are widely read around the UK. Magazines are a way of life, whether it corresponds pop or computer games. Teenage magazines continue to develop as a major information, entertainment and advertising medium. There are always new magazines competing with each other to boost up their profits. Magazines exist by discovering and analysing social attitudes and selling their products to people attracted to them. Teenage magazines clearly try and target a specific age group. This niche audience will change their tastes in magazines so magazines have to stay loyal to their audience by designing new magazines or elaborating the old ones. Teen magazines contain aspects of what young people go through in their lives; young people follow celebrities so it would favour the public to follow in their footsteps of fame and fortune. Teenage magazines have risen considerably in the past few years. Women's magazines continue to be strong sellers with brand titles such as Bliss and Sugar. ...read more.


I have designed a Teenage Car Magazine, which appeals to young people aged from 11-18. I have designed my magazine so it is simple to understand and very attractive to attract the reader. I have included many features plus extra to fulfil the requirements needed to produce an outstanding, eye-catching magazine. The front cover of my super car magazine is very eye-catching and also contains colour. The brand identity of the magazine is called WICKED. I have also included a main image to represent the main article in the magazine. I have deliberately made this picture stand out to show a preview of what kind of shots I can achieve. Another image is also inputted into the page to show that there is to be another article on that very image. I have included preview captions of what is to be expected in the magazine. The bar code is neatly placed in the corner of the page to clarify that it is on sale. ...read more.


Magazine publishers are able to cater to small-scale tastes and interests. Magazines associated with the development in technology (computers) have become a big part of today's society. The aspects of magazines can be related to the ownership of the business. Companies often publish magazines with a wide diversity of business and media interests in television, radio, newspapers and on the internet. Magazines are always planned before being produced. At the point of production, they are assessed according to the material published. A good copy of the magazine is printed into how many copies they need to issue. This process can involve a lot of money regarding printing values. They also take into account how many pages are being printed in each magazine. A magazine takes about a month to design, produce, print and distribute. A teenage magazine can be distributed anywhere in the chosen areas. Newsagents and shopping centres are the most likely to be selling top brand magazines. Teenage magazines can range from a price of �1 to a quite high �5. The average teenager buys a magazine for �3 to �4. 11/2/02 Paramjot Jutla 10GR 1 ...read more.

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