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The Grimm Brothers "Snow White: A Tale of Terror".

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The Grimm Brothers "Snow White: A Tale of Terror" Staring: Step Mother: Sigourney Weaver Snow White's Father: Sam Neill Snow White: Monica Keena Snow White has been adapted and retold many times over the years, yet it has largely been ignored as a dark and somewhat tragic story. This version was the original before Disney turned it into a fairytale cartoon. The producers have employed many strategies to make the content suitable for various target audiences by changing the mise-en-scene. Halfway through the film is a panning shot of something that has captured Snow Whites attention. "Panning is a method that requires you to move the camera while taking the photograph. When done correctly your moving subject is sharp against a blurred background. It is used frequently when following a moving subject, as it travels across your view". A person leaning against a tree. The music turns from being gentle to dramatic and suspenseful music. Snow White (wearing a white silk dress with a red cloak) moves towards the man who she knows. The white dress symbolises a clean and innocent person. Also by seeing the type of clothing worn you can associate what time period it is"It tells us immediately whether the film is set in the present and what society and/or culture it will centre around. ...read more.


Words are exchanged. The picture then focuses on the step mum taking a spoon and taking a piece of stew onto the spoon and into her mouth. The camera only focuses on the spoon until it reaches the mouth. The camera moves to the husband who is worried about where his daughter maybe and plays with his food. Just before he puts the food into his mouth a man walks in with news that Snow Whites horse has been found. The next scene jumps to Snow White climbing a forest hill. The thunder storm reaches her and she looks down to see a carcase. The screen flashes and she can see a wolf with glowing eyes, the wind picks up. The music picks up as she runs into what looks like an abandoned cottage. As she walks in a wolf howling can be heard from a distance. The cottage is dark with only light source being a broken window, this effect is called chiaroscuro "The term "chiaroscuro" was originally derived from the Italian linguistic compound describing the opposing forces of light -"chiaro", and dark -"scuro", within an artistic context." The music becomes mystical. ...read more.


On person stops and lowers his pick axe and walks toward Snow White. As the camera gets closer Snow Whites face gets brighter indicating that the camera is taking a first person view as the light source. The light gets closer and closer and Snow White wakes up. A body from behind grabs her and puts there hand across her mouth and says not to say a word. At the point of her waking up the music gets louder and louder. While watching this film the audience would get a mixed felling as at the start of the film the mother of Snow White dies and the husband must cut the baby out of the mother to keep it from being eaten by the wolfs. After that you get to see Snow White as a child playing hide and seek with her minder. At this point the audience would get a safe feeling as Snow White is in a castle and her father has protection at each door way. I recorded the film from channel 4 at 12:35am. I've had the tape for a while and cannot remember when it came on. The Grimm Brothers have produced many more stories which Disney has turned into fairytales such as "Beauty and the Beast". (PHOTOSIG, 22/01/03, Panning page 1, http://www1.photosig.com/photos.php?assignmentId=11) (chiaroscuro,22/01/03, http://citd.scar.utoronto.ca/VPAB04/VPAB04_98/student/Matijcio/xChiaro.def.html) Shakher Patel ...read more.

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