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The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter 12-15-2002 The Scarlet Letter is an old novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1850. It tells a story about a puritan woman named Hester Prynne, who comes from Great Britain to New England, Boston/Massachusetts to start a new life, live in peace and freedom. She is married to a wealthy doctor, Roger Prynne, later named as Roger Chillingworth. When Hester arrives in Boston, she is by herself and her husband is supposed to follow her after having finished his businesses in England. Hester lives in the little town, is well accepted and makes herself a name by making needlework for the people in town. Days go by and Hester's husband does not arrive and she just lives her life. She gets to know the Reverend of the town, Arthur Dimmesdale and is also a good friend with a woman known as Mistress Hibbins who is later found out to be a witch. The Reverend and Hester spend time and start liking each other. One night he stays at her house and sleeps with her. Hester is pregnant and as soon as the people in town find out, Hester gets arrested. She gives birth to the baby in the prison. ...read more.


Arthur's health gets worse and so the doctor has more reason to watch him all the time. Hester decides to tell Arthur that Chillingworth is her husband and so she talks to her husband to ask for permission. She tells him that his revenge is killing him. One day, Pearl and Hester are playing in the forest and Hester sees Arthur. She walks over to him while pearl stays back playing by herself. Hester tells Arthur the truth and asks him to forgive her and they decide to go to Great Britain and start a new life together. This changes the minister and he seems to start feeling better and to show that she really wants to start over, Hester takes off the A and puts her hair down. When Pearl sees her mother like that she screams and tells her mother to put the A back on. Arthur goes back into town and Pearl and Hester go home. A few days later, the Election Day is in town to find a new governor and the man who will lead the ship to England tells her Hester Prynne that her husband Roger Chillingworth will be on the same ship. Hester realizes that she and Arthur can never start a new life together because he seems not even to be able to look at her in public. ...read more.


The red bird, which also had a role in the earlier movie, plays a bigger role in the later movie and also does the fact that Mister Chillingworth lived with the Indians before he came to Boston. Another thing is that this movie has a happy ending. When Hester is supposed to be hanged, Arthur speaks out for her and tells the truth and he says that he should be hanged instead of her. A few moments later when a man is about to hang Arthur, the Indians attack the town and many people die. Arthur, Hester and Pearl survive and live together till Arthur dies a few years later. I personally prefer the second movie. It shows a lot more how important the friendship of Arthur Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne really was just by showing how it all started. It shows a lot more feelings and I think that is actually how it should be in a love story. It also shows more about little facts and makes the whole story clear to the viewer. I like the happy ending in the second movie. I think it shows very well how Arthur and Hester finally won the battle against the crowd and could live together so that Pearl could get to know her father. By not following the book in everything and adding some little things, it makes this a good movie for people of this time. ...read more.

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