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The Simpsons coursework

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THE SIMPSONS COURSEWORK! "The Simpsons" is an example of an American sitcom. A sitcom is situation comedy, which is when the same setting and same characters appear in every episode. Examples of sitcoms are programmes such as "The Crosby Show" and more recent sitcoms such as "Friends". Sitcoms surfaced in the 1950's in America showing the "ideal" family. Slowly sitcoms started to show the reality of life and dealt with social issues such as divorce and unemployment. Sitcoms have become very popular because people could relate to the programme and sitcoms show problems, which happen in every day life in a light-hearted way. These are some of the reasons why "The Simpsons" is very successful and popular. In this essay I am going to use the example of "The Simpsons" and evaluate to see how it follows the conventions of the sitcom genre. The opening sequence of "The Simpsons" introduces us to the main characters and we can see the stereotypes, which are used in the programme. In the opening sequence we see Homer at work. This is what a stereotypical father's role is. We are also shown how Homer goes against the stereotype because he takes some radioactive waste with him showing that he is careless. Marge is shown doing the shopping and looking after the baby Maggie. ...read more.


The re-orientation in this episode was when the whole family are together. The Simpsons" don't use a lot of traditional sitcom characters and make the characters go against stereotypes. In "Roasting On An Open Fire" Lisa is doing some sort of ritual dance with fire at a school production. This is very weird and it seemed unrealistic. She goes against her stereotype because she is doing things, which are to extreme for an eight-year-old child. In this episode Bart gets a tattoo. This is illegal and yet he still goes ahead with it. He is very naughty and mischievous. This goes against his stereotype. The tattoo pallor are being satirised because they looked at his fake I.D and gave him a tattoo even though he looks like a kid. Homer is shown as an unsupportive father because he falls asleep when his children are on stage. He should be cheering and watching. He goes against his stereotype. Marge is the only one in this episode who goes with her stereotype. She acts like a mother by getting angry with Bart and watches the school production and cheers on her children. Another episode that I analysed was the "Cartridge Family." There is a lot of satire used in this episode. The NRA are satirised in this episode. ...read more.


The family accepts it even though it is perverted only because it helped Homer. The animation makes the program funny. With animation you can do anything with it. The characters can do wild stunts, which real life actors can't. With animation you can get away with anything. "The Simpsons" makes many rude jokes about people and makes fun out of people and cultures. They get away with it because it's a cartoon. If "The Simpsons" were a real life programme it would probably be taken of the air because people would take offence to it. "The Simpsons" is a very successful programme and has been running for a very long time. Many people have different views on "The Simpsons" some think that it is rude and stupid others think that it is funny and realistic. I think that "The Simpsons" shows the reality of life in a light-hearted way. I think this is why it is a successful programme and also the humour kind of hides the rudeness and that is why people don't take offence to it. In some ways "The Simpson" is a sitcom because it has a family in it and has the same characters and the same setting in every episode. In some ways it isn't a sitcom because it goes against stereotypes and does not set a good example to others. Despite this I still think it is a very good programme and should be called a sitcom. By Dharmesh Bhudia ...read more.

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