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The two films being examined are the thriller Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, and the action film Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott.

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Media Assignment The two films being examined are the thriller Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, and the action film Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott. Both directors create epic films; the films are momentous and are designed to manipulate the emotions. A thriller is intended to appeal to basic human instinct to the need of feeling fear and survival. Action movies are designed to appeal to our sense of danger: pace and experience is something we want but don't have in our everyday lives to this extent. Both films are examples of media, which manage to induce you into a certain way of thinking: Jaws into being scared and Gladiator into sympathising and rooting for Russell Crowe in his fight against evil. In the opening shots of Gladiator, Maximus is seen walking through a cornfield. There is an orange soft focus on the scene; this, along with the music, adds to the feeling he is dreaming of his homeland where it is warm, safe and pleasant. Here the director is trying to show the feeling of wanting to be back home through the evocative colour and sounds of Maximus's dream. When the scene shifts to the battle, the opening shot centres of his face, there is now a blue haze on the scene. ...read more.


At the opening of the battle scene, Maximus's face shows his thoughts for the battle. He looks pensive and is full of dread; the director wants the audience to empathize with the anticipation of the terrible things about to happen. Through the behavior of the troops the viewer gets a sense of anticipation that promotes fear, although they seem to know they will win. The director even uses their admiration for Maximus to make you respect him more. When the barbarians enter, the director barely shows their faces, they all appear almost disfigured and inhuman. This dehumanizing treatment makes the viewer have as little compassion for them as possible. This makes it easier for the Romans to kill them, avoiding any moral conflict between right and wrong. The battle is put in slow motion as it draws to a close; demonstrating the devastation left behind by the combat. Alongside the sense of victory is the image of destruction. The close up of the emperor's face acknowledges the brevity of the scene. The action genre is conveyed through the fast pace and extreme emotions of the characters. In Jaws, the characters are not famous or particularly special, the director makes them as normal as possible to make the plot plausible. ...read more.


The camera work in Jaws starts with the opening credits; the camera drifts along the seabed, creating a sharks view in the mind of the audience. The Scene then cuts to a close-up of the teenagers, creating the image that they are the prey and are in danger from the shark. When the boy and girl single out from the crowd, the camera follows them steadily, flicking from each person, singling them both out. When the girl dives in, the camera goes to an extreme close up; her friend is unconscious furthering the isolation of the girl. The first upward shot starts to establish the suspense; at this point the camera becomes the shark. As the shark gets closer, the camera moves into an extreme close up of her, suggesting the position of the shark an its grip on the victim; the director wants you to feel her pain, fear and realisation as much as possible. When the attack is over, the scene reverts to the calmness it had before. The camera moves into a long shot scanning the horizon and the gentle sounds of the water become audible again, this signifies the end of the scene but leaves the doubt in the audience's mind of the unidentified creature below. 1 Emma Parr-Burman ...read more.

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