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Thesis statement based on Michael Moores movie entitled Fahrenheit 9/11.

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Homework on Fahrenheit 9/11 1. When I constructed my thesis statement based on Michael Moores movie entitled Fahrenheit 9/11 I didn't take the whole Bush situation in consideration, instead I tried to focus on the underlying reasons for producing this movie. The question you probably would ask me now is, am I stupid since the whole movie revolves around Bush, but that is not entirely true because the reason why Moore made this movie revolves around the actions president Bush have taken concerning the war in Iraq and against terrorism. The thesis statement I created is following, "Terrorism and war are actions that should be prevented, for they kill and hurt innocent people, damage relationships between countries and diminishes finances." ...read more.


Moore also interviews and accompanies American soldiers during their missions down in Iraq. All the main points are linked together with movie clips of Bush and other government officials in a satirical way, clips showing how the government is keeping the people in fear by lowering and raising the terroist alert back and forth making them accept a bill (The U.S. Patriot Act.) which violates the human rights for example. The conclusion in this movie that I think Michael Moore wants us draw is that people need to think, they shouldn't just do as everybody else does, he wants people to analyse and realize that the world is not perfect and in this case Bush is far from perfect. ...read more.


But on the other hand why wouldn't he since he's anti Bush, anti war and is trying to spread that propaganda. People might also find him unjust since he doesn't let the people he's criticizing defend their selves. 3. To sum up the film, I would like to say that it's very good. Moore uses a very advanced investigating type of journalism you can just wonder how many different archives him and his team have been in, but the movie is far from boring instead it has got a humoristic and satirical touch. The movie is also very tragically especially during the part when World Trade Centre is attacked, that clip is very dramatic and touching since it's all black on the screen we can only hear the crash and the people and then we see all the devastated people staring up at the sky. ...read more.

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