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What is local radio better at than National Radio?

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Evaluating Radio stations * What is local radio better at than National Radio? Local and national radio both broadcast news but they both differ due to the fact that they have and use different techniques. First of all, national radio broadcast news from around the country and local just broadcasts local area news. National radio news is an individual's work; it isn't just copied from any journalist. The news is much more detailed and has less of gossip. It's much more serious and formal. Whereas, Local radio news is abbreviated much shorter and simple. The news maybe copied from a journalist. It won't be as detailed as a national radio will make it, even if it's the same story! Local radio news is said in informal ways, the presenters will tell the listeners their opinions on the stories, whereas the national radio news presenters will just read the story. When it comes to music then I believe that they won't be much of a difference because the local radio will play music by Kylie Minogue just the way national radio will. So to be honest I don't think that they will be much of a difference. What can be said is that in different local radios, they tend to play music associated to their name. For example: Classic FM: this radio station will only play classical music, so one can not expect them to play rock or pop. National radios will advertise nights out in big cities such as Birmingham, London and Manchester whereas local radios will only advertise local nights out. ...read more.


I say this because for example if I'm driving somewhere I wouldn't exactly have time to read the paper whilst driving and still drive safely. I'd rather switch onto the local radio and listen to the updates. It's much more convenient, I have to say and personally I think people who much rather listen to news being read out to them then them reading a news paper themselves, its just much easier and cheaper! * Cons and Pros of two different types of local radios. First I will discuss the pros and cons of a local Leeds/Bradford station; Galaxy105/106. The cons and pros are; Cons: There is mainly dance music, and it can be repetitive sometimes. Pros: Good nationwide reception, good dance music Cons: There are Lots of adverts, which always seem to interrupting songs. Pros: Good tunes, lots of dance music which seem to appeal to young people. Cons: Generally just another pop station. Pros: good giveaways. This is my overall view Quality of reception Excellent Quality of programming Excellent Range of programming Excellent How good are the presenters? Good Quality of information Good These above are just a few of the cons and pros of Galaxy 105; they represent the positive and negative points of this particular radio station. I can say that the main cons are the compliments about the type of music played. I can say that people seem to enjoy the music. Now I will discuss the pros and cons of Classic FM: Pros: Good shows; The Evening Concert; Classical music! ...read more.


The main types of music you will find on the show are pop and dance and new, up and coming music. You'll also get the local news and weather as well as the national news! This is good because it does somehow share a quality national radio does. Galaxy do have a lot of 'back to back' music slots in which there are no adverts at all for a certain period at all and no DJ's. This is used to its best when they stick on the dance remixes which comprise of old school dance tunes mixed into newer dance tunes that you will hear in the clubs. Equally on the other hand Classic FM is incomprehensible because it insists on diluting the music they play with DJ chatter, long reports on sporting events, as well as adverts. Classic FM feels it is necessary to dumb down the music they present by playing only individual movements out of a piece. If a composer chooses to write a concerto in three movements or a symphony in four, it is because s/he has conceived of the piece in this form. To rip out one of these movements and present it alone because it has a jolly tune or whatever is to do violence to the inspiration of the composer. Moreover, repetitive words such as "relaxing", "soothing" can get irritating. Overall, Galaxy and Classic FM are two very different radio stations because I have also proved this by showing how different they are in the music played and the way presenters deliver their shows. Shalina Jelani 10PT 09/02/2004 Mr. Antoine Media Studies ...read more.

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