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Write a review in which you support the film for its Oscar film of the year 2000 and ward of its critics.

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Sean Prowse 10WR Write a review in which you support the film for its Oscar film of the year 2000 and ward of its critics Ridley Scott is an expert at fabricating highly visual motion pictures with energetic, radiant stories. "Blade Runner" and "Alien" dazzled the viewers with high tech action and suspense. Now the roman epic "Gladiator" vividly captures the time period and atmosphere in which its characters inhabit. With a star line up of actors (including Joaquin Phoenix - 'Clay Pigeons', 'To Die For', Connie Nielsen - 'Devil's Advocate', 'Mission to Mars') playing the smaller parts of the film, it was destined to be in the category for all time great film. The Main Character is a one general Maximus who is played by Russell Crowe, who has stared in films such as 'Insider' and 'LA Confidential' and his success with gladiator has seen him go on and make other superior films such as ' Ocean's Eleven' and 'Three Kings' The first scene is the most vital scene; this is where the viewer needs to shocked at the immense quality of the film. ...read more.


As it now shows that Maximus has only one aspire, to get to the door and be re-united with his family. Maximus is taken in to be a slave. There is big change between the costumes worn by the glorious Roman Army and the slaves. Maximus now has to change from being a general and killing for his empire, to now killing just to stay alive. The sound effects is great the chinking of the chains, and the coming together of blood thirst swords, and not forgetting the cries of pain and death. As the fight finishes Maximus is left standing in the middle of the 'stage of death' the camera starts to move around Maximus and concentrates of the crowd. This is an important effect because it shows that if Maximus wants to stay alive then he would have to please to the crowd to win them over. With Maximus creating havoc at the minor events in the smaller villages, Maximus and the rest of his fighting slaves get the chance to go to Rome and take part in the 150 days of games. ...read more.


After the battle with the tigers, again the powerful music plays. This creates an atmosphere that Maximus is invincible and will fight until he gets his freedom. The final battle consists of an injured Maximus and the emperor, with Maximus winning the fight, and killing the emperor, Maximus is now the new emperor, he asks for the empire to become a republic once more, before dying of the wounds he was given before and during the fight. With the music playing it gives you the sense of heroism once more. When ordering for the empire to be a republic, Maximus has the vision of walking through the grass towards the door. The difference this time is that he actually gets to the door and is able to see his family again. The death of Maximus is a very powerful ending, and the music reflects that. The storyline is great by its self, but I believe the film has become greater still with the help of Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, for creating the powerful music, which helps depict the atmosphere of the film. ...read more.

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