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Handling Air Passengers

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Handling air passengers When arranging a booking and booking a holiday there are various different options you can take to do this, such as you can use: * Airline alliances e.g. Star Alliance * Travel Agents * Airline direct selling by internet * Airline offices and ticket desks * Tour operators. Airline alliances Airline alliances are numbers of different airlines join together and have access to each others flight codes and other services. By doing this they hope to offer seamless service to the customers and provide a better choice of flights and benefits. SkyTeam is the second largest airline alliance, behind Star alliance, in partnership with 14 carriers from 4 continents. Some of these carriers include: * China Southern Airlines * Czech Airlines * Korean Air * Delta Airlines * KLM * Air France This alliance covers over 500 destinations. Customers become members and when they do so then they can earn benefits by being loyal and frequent flyers. Benefits such as: * Priority reservations wait listing * Priority airport standby * Priority boarding * Priority check-in * Preferred seating Travel agents Travel agents sell a range of different products including flights. Staff in a travel agent will usually give priority to selling their own products; Thomson travel agent will usually try and sell Thomson holidays and flights, rather than any other. ...read more.


a holiday through a tour operator because they have no access to them, the couple would have to go to a travel agent to book their holiday as it is easier for them. If a business man was frequently flying to America for meetings he would most likely be using, or his secretary would be using, the internet or phone to book the flights and over night accommodation. They would use these methods because it is easier for them to set up and it won't take as long to book especially if they have book these details before. If a customer has already booked a flight but reaches the airport late and misses it and notices that another flight is leaving the airport a little while later with another airline the customer would use an airline ticket desk inside the airport to buy another ticket, this would save him time because else he would have to find a local travel agent or find internet access or even find numbers for different travel agents and tour operators over the phone. Infrastructure of an Airport. The infrastructure of an airport is all the different types of facilities that are available to the public whilst in the airport. In an airport there a many different types of infrastructure that are essential for an airport to function properly. ...read more.


Also there is a large area devoted to moving baggage on a conveyor system underneath many large airports. The passengers do not see this part but often wonder what happens to their luggage between leaving them and ending up in the plane. Other Areas Most airports will provide children's play areas in the departure lounge and most airports provide aviation viewing areas for plane spotting enthusiasts. Even though airports are non-smoking airports dedicated smoking areas will be provided. Airport Facilities Airports hold plenty of facilities all under one roof so that a passenger can get everything they need and not miss their flight. Facilities they have are: - * Car Hire * Car Parks * Shopping * Financial Services * Executive/VIP Lounge * Airport Chapel * Restaurants and Bars * Baggage Trolleys * Left Luggage and Lost Property * Medical Facilities * Meeting Areas * Information for Tourists * Facilities for Those With Special Needs Airport and Airline Personnel There are many departments in an airport that passengers are unaware of. Although, on their journey through the airport they will come across many different members of airport personnel. These personnel work together as a team to make sure that all passengers are processed quickly and efficiently right through from check-in to boarding the plane. The different groups of personnel are: - * Ground Handling Agencies * Customs and Excise Officers * Immigration Officers * Air Cabin Crew and Flight Deck Crew Ground Handling Agencies ?? ?? ?? ?? Kelsey Starkey BTEC Travel and Tourism Mr Clarke 13SL 1 ...read more.

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