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Health and Safety

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Safe Working Practice General workshop health and safety This assignment is all about working safe in a workshop or laboratory and am going to show how to work safe in a workshop and the things you have to do to stay safe and not hearting any one. Also am going to talk about soldering and acid etching. The general type of behavior should be adopted in electronic/electrical workshop to ensure safe working practice is that you should listen carefully to the instructions given and if you don't then you end up not doing anything or you could end up hurting your self. Also instructions should be given in how to use equipment, tools and machinery and should get safety training. This will make the person confident in the use of machines and then they could not get an accident or hearting other people. Also you should know the law of health and safety and also use of appropriate PPE. . When the person is finished they should tidy the place up and make it look clean so when other people work there they don't trip. There is lots of ways to behave in a workshop. Am going to tell you the five ways to behave in a work shop. ...read more.


Gouhar lali Now am going to talk about the risk assessment and why you need to go through it. The risk assessment is when they taking an examination of what could cause harm to people and others in a workshop or laboratory. They do this test to find the risks they are in. They way to get a good risks assessment is to avoid accidents and making shore they don't get hurt. Risk assessment is a five way stage process and they should follow this way. * The first thing they should do is find who's at risk and why. * Second is to look around and find the hazard signs. * Thirdly they should find how people are at risk and they should make it lower so the risk gets low. * Fourthly they should record them and asking about the person or them. * Fifthly they should make a table of the record of the people or record on the assessment that they had. This part of my questions is about what are the main hazards of smoking, eating and drinking in a workshop or laboratory. The hazards are of smoking is that you could set the place on fire also it's not well for you health. ...read more.


Acid etching is a acid but the covering the acid in the glass. Mostly people get it because it's cheap and it last for a long time. They also use it because it's very good for single PCB. They use it for single PCB because acid etching is safe and if they use it in a good way is very helpful to the person, but they have to have there safety equipment so it well make it safe. Also acid etching gives a smooth finish to the PCB. The acid etching also has disadvantages which are it takes long time to dry. It also has a hazard which is corrosion and it well affect to your skin if you touch it or if it goes on your tissue. Also if you breathe it in it could affect your breathing and it could go to your nose and in to your body. Acid etching also has high toxic fumes which are harmful to your body. In my conclusion I thing it's a good thing to use because it's cheap but it may take time and it's very easy way to use it and I thing it's very safe for a person to use it, only if they have their safety equipment. Also its very good thing for clear etching and it makes it easy for the person who is using it because it makes it clear to see. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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