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Personal statement. Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them. said James A. Michener. For me, this quote explains why I want to go into the engineering field because I want to design, construct and make things.

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"Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them." said James A. Michener. For me, this quote explains why I want to go into the engineering field because I want to design, construct and make things. Since my early childhood I have always been interested in how things work and why they behave in a particular way; I remember pestering my parents questions about why magnets stick to the fridge. I once took part in a science competition which consisted of constructing a roof which would remain rigid, and a bridge that could support a weight, and this sparked my interest and made me think about the partnership between science, maths and design. ...read more.


This experience has given me the zeal to try to succeed in becoming an engineer. To widen my view of the engineering field and keep up to date with recent developments, I often read science journals including the New Scientist. I recently read a book called 'Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down' by J.E. Gordon, which helped me to gain a greater appreciation of the link between design in natural structure and the adaption of these ideas for a construction application. To explore more information on civil engineering in my hometown, I have attended some lectures on engineering, i.e. Reclamation in Macau and the modern usage of steel structure in construction. ...read more.


Moreover, studying maths and further maths provides me with the essential skills required in engineering and I am planning to do extra modules in maths to strengthen my knowledge in the engineering field. Apart from academic performance, I participated in a variety of sports and played on both the table-tennis and basketball team in my previous school. These sports have shown me the importance of teamwork and have taught me how to get along with others. I am really looking forward to all the opportunities and new experiences that university will open up to me, but perhaps the most exciting thing is the chance to widen my knowledge of disciplines in order to prepare myself for my future career in the area of structural and civil-engineering. ...read more.

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