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Skiing Speech - The Arguement against helmets

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Skiing Speech - The argument against helmets. Right, now I don't know if anyone here has been skiing before, (pause look around) well I first went in my old school with a group of friends. The college only allows from year 8 students to go on the trip and as a year 8 most people are aged 14 or 15, and the rules on the slopes that we went to was all children aged 14 and under must wear a helmet. Now, the 2006/7 FIS (skiing association) rules changes introduced mandatory wearing of ski helmets for all disciplines. The introduction of mandatory helmets is based on overwhelming medical evidence of the benefits of wearing a helmet in the event of an accident. ...read more.


I think the main opposition to the helmet rule is the whole skiing aura of looking good on the slopes rather than being embarrassed. I can however see the advantages of wearing a helmet, greater risks can be taken and the reason I enjoy skiing is the adrenaline rush you get when going fast and I suppose it's good to know that the most vital part of your body is protected if you do bail quite badly. It's been a hot topic in the snow-sports safety forum for best part of ten years now - the issue of helmets. High velocity collisions with trees lead to the deaths of Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy in 1998 and the inevitable mass media hype - rarely a forum for informed debate! ...read more.


as being politically motivated. The statistics in it have been accused of being misleading. As one example, snowboarding head injuries are quoted rather dramatically as having risen from 1000 in 1993 to 5200 in 1997 - without mentioning that the straightforward reason for this was that the total number of snowboarders on the slopes increased by at least the same % if not more. Head injuries account for at most 10-20% of all injuries from snow sports - although some studies have shown higher rates in children. I do see how the compulsory wearing of helmets would reduce this very small number more so, but as you can see the major risk is for younger children, I think the age limit should be kept the same. From the age of 14 the wearing of helmets should be at the digression of the skier or the parents of said skier. ...read more.

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