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Subjectivity and Objectivity

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What is Subjectivity? Theoretically, all people in this world are subjects, it is impossible for a person to be an object; however it is possible for one to decrease his or her subjectivity in addressing important and serious topics through objectivity. In short, a person's subjectivity is mostly influenced by his or her sentiments and attitudes; on the contrary, being objective means looking at the facts cold heartedly and using pure logic. Unfortunately, the great majority of the population is more prone to giving in to their emotions and mind-sets when discussing or arguing issues that are under question and are valued by them. As a consequence, an orderly argument, which could yield a reasonable and sound solution, is mostly unattainable. ...read more.


In addition, the welfare of the family should be at the greatest interest of the government and people in charge; after all, the family is the basic unit of society. Logically thinking, if the society is composed of many families, and if the greater amount of those families is not healthy, than therefore the society itself is not healthy. This is the value that is at the core of my subjectivity, when the question concerns my family or any loved one: words are argued based on emotions, decisions are made based on emotions, and logic, if any, is at very little use. Furthermore, just like the vast majority of Armenians on this world, I am a Christian. ...read more.


love from others; although most of it will probably be fake, but it will be there as long as you have got a considerable sum of riches. Briefly, money plays a very important role in all aspects of people's lives, even in such institutions as the church. Certainly, when discussing my values there is a lot to talk about and it is nearly unrealistic to give a detailed and clear description of my beliefs in a two page paper. In this essay I have explained a mere few of my beliefs. However, righting a paper like this once again made me ponder about my attitudes and ideas concerning the world that we live in and is a good introduction to my personality. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hovhannisyan 1 ...read more.

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