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types of child abuse

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Child Protection- Task 1 Jodie Bloomer Child "abuse is commonly recognised as any behaviour towards a child that causes harm to that child in some way. This behaviour may be deliberate, or the parent may not be aware of the affects of their behaviour." (Flynn, H. et Al. 2004. p.51). Child abuse is categorised into four main areas- physical, sexual, emotional and neglect and abuse can be classed solely in one area or a combination or these areas. Penny Tassoni states "physical abuse takes place when an adult inflicts injuries on a child or does not prevent them- for example, hitting, shaking, or using excessive force when feeding." (Tassoni, P. et Al. 2002. p.570). If a child has marks or bruises to the body in places that are unlikely to be caused by an accident it could be a sign of physical abuse. These signs "might include unusual-shaped bruises, scalds and burns (sometimes from cigarettes), bite marks, and fractures." (Tassoni, P. et Al. 2002. p.575). Children may show a number of behavioural signs that also indicate physical abuse. These could include being withdrawn and unusually quiet, being aggressive towards others or in role-play situations, not wanting to remove clothing, for example getting changed for P.E. ...read more.


(Tassoni, P. et Al. 2002. p.577). However this affection is inappropriate and would result in further abuse for the child. Neglect is when a child's basic needs are not met either intentionally or unintentionally. This could be by not providing adequate food, shelter or clothing, ignoring a child's health or not giving love and support to a child. Some of the physical signs of neglect are malnourishment, a continuous dirty and unhygienic appearance, lack of sleep, and they may "suffer from frequent minor infections, such as colds and coughs, due to inappropriate nutrition and subsequently become run-down." (Green, S. 2006. p.77). Other signs that a child may be neglected are constant hunger, or stealing food as a result of this, constant tiredness and lack of attention as a result, and a lack of clothing or inappropriate clothing for the weather. Children that are being neglected may also have poor social skills or relationships with adults, as they do not get the adequate interaction at home. Children that have been abused tend to develop coping mechanisms in order to carry on. For example by blocking out the abuse or memories from their mind. ...read more.


Also if one or both parents are abusing a child and the grandparents are aware of this, they may feel they have a loyalty to their child not to report the incident so therefore their grandchild suffers. Grandparents may also not do anything about the abuse or feel any guilt if they had abused the child's parent when he/she was a child. This would be an example of the cycle of abuse continuing. Another consequence of child abuse for the parents is if their child has been abused and they learn that there is a convicted or rumoured paedophile living nearby then they may become overprotective of their child or they may try and seek revenge on the person who may be entirely innocent. This could also result in moving to a new area, or in the breakdown of the family. One of the consequences of child abuse on a sibling would be if they had witnessed the abuse and had nightmares about it, or suffered guilt because it didn't happen to them. The sibling may also suffer fear that it may start to happen to them; especially if the abuser finds out they witnessed the abuse. ...read more.

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