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Types of Love in Abduction.

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Essayopgave - Abduction In life we encounter many different kinds of love. Love for ones girlfriend or boyfriend, love for ones parents and love for ones siblings. The love for ones siblings is long-lasting and never-fading. They are the ones who always tell you the absolute truth when asked and they are loving bystanders for life. This is of course a beautiful generalization and it would be wonderful if every relationship between brothers and sisters was as pictured, however sometimes the love can be smothering and possessive. We see this in the short story "Abduction", by Shelagh Delaney in 2002, exactly this problem. We meet Ann, who moves to London to pursue her carrier as pediatrics. She brings her little brother, who just graduated from school, to live with her in London. ...read more.


This would indicate that the story takes place in a modern contemporary culture. Ann is the main character and as such we know her well from detailed descriptions. She is intelligent and bright as the narrator writes "she is a showpiece product of the State Educational System" Line 14. She loves children and therefore has specialized in children becoming a pediatrician. She was sterilized at an early age which shows a sort of weird dualism, she loves children but she wouldn't have any herself, furthermore she can't understand why other women doesn't have the same sense as she. Ann is independent, we see this when her mother offers to help her and she won't accept her moms financial support. She enjoy doing all the "right" things, she lives in Kensington, works, go to the theater, visits art galleries and hosting dinner parties. ...read more.


The youngest child is often spoiled. And who are more spoiled then her baby-brother? In line 60-61 - "her little brother, the family's baby, needn't worry about money" The picture I have chosen to analyze is picture one, "A Man's Head in a Woman's Hair" by Edvard Munch. I've chosen this picture because I love the way it describes the relationship Ann and her brother have. She has taking him "under her wings", protecting him, taking care of him in every way, but also keeping him captured. It is also funny to see that the man in the picture don't have any color, which I interpret as the guy in the picture don't have any opinions or thoughts, and a low self-respect. As you can see the woman's head is above the man's head and there seems more dominant and powerful. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aske Peter Hiort-Lorenzen 29/01 2007 Espergļæ½rde Gymnasium 2.j ...read more.

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