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A Story About Imagery On a T-Bar.

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Daniel Hutt A STORY ABOUT IMAGERY ON A T-BAR T-bar is a poem that speaks mainly in imagery about a snowy day on the ski hill. It reflects ones imagination of being pulled up the hill by a mechanically operated lift, and skiing back down it. The person speaking was able to make a story out of the arches of the lift and many other things involved with the t-bar. It begins with a slight description of the machine using metaphors such as "twin automatons", meaning that the skiers are moving without individual action and being taken at the speed of the lift. The poem's tone consists of a rhyme scheme to show the continuously flowing movement of the t-bar. The second line of the second stanza also has a metaphor, the poet used "incisions" to illustrate the indentations in the slope. It is here that he begins to show how the imagery works when "somnambulists" is employed. This gives the reader the idea of a dream instead of a simple lift up the mountain. We begin to think about sleepwalkers who stand and move without even thinking of it. ...read more.


In the fourth stanza it says that "the clocks are broken", signifying that the reoccurring dream goes on forever as if time did not exist. This happens in between the arches in what the author calls the "zones of silence". The lifeless dreamers now become blood brothers as they are both being covered by matching snowflakes and begin to look alike as they are coated in whiteness. The author called this snow a "haemophilic snow" because once it has begun it continues endlessly without stopping for a long time. Now comes the first mentioning of an end to the t-bar dream as the poet conveys the breaking of the summit. It is now time to come out of the dream and return to reality as would an insect becoming an imago (which is what Page says in the end of this stanza). The couple which had been formed is now soon going to brake as the end of the lift approaches. It is said that the sleeping bride will painfully leave the dream and suddenly become free. ...read more.


This leaves the two people to go back down the ski hill in whichever direction they desire, but makes a point that they will once again untie with someone at the bottom of the lift. The t-bar, now hard and slow, swings uncontrollably around the revolving wheel to go back down the hill, signifying a definite end to the story. A lot of imagery was used in this poem, such as marriage, dreams and time, which all created a sort of story. The author purposely chose to include these as themes which would eventually lead to the end of the lift (or to the awakening of the dreamers and separation of the couple). I believe that this poem is a great piece of work, which might be irrelevant to the topic but perhaps should be said to show my recognition of the poet's style. This consisted of the use of imagery, metaphors, themes and rhymes to show that it is a possibility to invent a story out of something so random and different from all other poetry topics. This implies that imagination was very important for Page to create such a poem, and it might not have been possible to do it without such creative imagery. ...read more.

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