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can music contribute to anything of worth?

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Can music contribute anything of worth? Music is an indispensable part of life as its contributions have been numerous. Music has affected every part of human life and without music life would be flavorless. Many people only have been able to see music as a way of past time and have overlooked its other benefits. Music has contributed much to the field of medicine helping people to relax and control their stress and depression. Economically as well we all know how big the music industry has gotten and how much it has contributed to the society. Besides these, it has also been able to affect people psychologically, and give an identification of a person, a group, a culture as well as the whole country. It has given a true meaning to freedom of speech. Music is something by which people can relax and calm themselves of the fast paced life of today. There are various artists who create such music which help to calm the sense and help to relax people. Ragas and mantras, to which if we listen, help to relax the chakras in the body and help to keep the mind refresh and active. ...read more.


From children to grown ups, music has always been able to aware people of the things happening around in the society. From political injustice to social discrimination or be it a cry for world peace, music has always been one of the most effective medium to bring it out in the public. Songs like 'heal the world' by Michael Jackson and John Lennon's immortal 'imagine' speaks about a world where everyone life as one and inspires the people to keeping their differences aside and help to make this world a better place. 'I shot the sheriff' by Bob Marley and 'another brick in the wall' by Pink Floyd talks about the political system. The first talks about the social discrimination done by the police while the other protests against the dullness of the education system of the country. There is no stopping the power of music. Its reach is far and wide and all the people can access it easily and get the message which lies beneath. To create such master pieces that have changed the world, people have to be creative so we can say that music breeds creativity. People always have been fascinated by soothing sounds and try to procreate it. ...read more.


Music is something that people want and for good music they are willing to empty their pockets. So by this the music industry is making billions of dollars every year. The music industry has been a boon for the economy because the tax revenue collected from the sales is huge sums of money which all goes to the government and the country development. Music has also affected the gaming, movie and advertising industry as well. People watch and buy movies with good sound tracks. A good jingle is always in the people's mind and when they go shopping they tend to remember the jingle and buy the item of which the jingle was of. So like this individually music industry is big but with its branches also drawing huge chunks of money, it is clear that it will only grow in the years to come. As we can see that music has, is and always will be affecting the humans. Music is there for a reason. The importance of music in today's world is significant and have contributed much of worth and from its growing popularity it is clear that in the years to come music is a force that is to be reckoned of. Pragyan Shrestha GP 2 23rd March 23, 2008 ...read more.

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